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Motobyo Unleashes Power to Buyers and Sellers


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1 Out of Every 3 Cars on the Road will Be Sold This Year – Buyers will Spend More, Sellers will Get Less – Until Motobyo – Changing the Way Used Cars are Bought & Sold so Consumers Win

Ron Averett is the Chief Executive Officer of Motobyo®, the automotive marketplace powerhouse designed for everyday consumers, not dealers.s.

Changing the Way Used Cars are Bought & Sold so Consumers Win

We think there’s another status quo in town, and its name is Motobyo.”

— Ron Averett, Motobyo CEO

PHILADELPHIA, PA, UNITED STATES, February 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Next time any driver is on the road, they should take a look at the vehicles around them– and know that one out of every three cars on the road will be sold this year.

It’s a good bet that the person selling is going to get less than the true value of the vehicle, while the person buying it is going to spend more.

“Americans have come to expect that, and just go along knowing they’re going to get less money than they should, because they don’t have the time or the knowledge to find the right deal,” said Ron Averett, CEO of Motobyo®, the innovative online automotive marketplace that launched in Philadelphia in late 2022 and is on path for national expansion in 2024. “That’s a fact. We have come to accept that unless we are going to undertake the challenge of selling a car on our own, we are going to get less. And for many they simply go along with the status quo because they can. But what about the majority of Americans who can’t afford it? We think there’s another status quo in town, and its name is Motobyo.”

Motobyo is changing the way used vehicles are bought and sold, putting the power in the hands of everyday people. Sellers get two values – an instant cash offer, or a potential bigger payout through the Motobyo online marketplace.

“If all you’re interested in is the ease and convenience of selling your car quickly we can certainly help you by expanding your buyer prospects, but if you want to maximize your return, come to the Motobyo marketplace, list your car and get more money,” Averett said. “Or buy a car on our site that has been qualified and inspected and save money. Sellers can get more money; buyers can buy a quality car for less than they would in the retail market. Sellers win, buyers win.”

Averett knows from personal experience that the average person that’s selling a vehicle doesn’t get what its worth, while the person buying a vehicle is paying more than they should, in the current, antiquated used car market.

“At Motobyo, if you sell your used car on our marketplace you have the opportunity to get more, and if you buy your used car at Motobyo you’re going to pay less,” Averett said. “Here’s how we do it – we cut out the middleman, we use our own patent-pending pricing technology, we give you all the assistance, information, research and guidance that you need, we take care of the paperwork, we help you through the process, and we give you as a consumer the benefits and advantages that we have taken for granted all these years.”

Make more money. Save money. And get assistance and guidance to be successful. Motobyo isn’t just here to stay, it’s here to change. And consumers win. And always will.

To experience the game-changing impact of Motobyo visit https://motobyo.com today.

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The Motobyo origin story, as told by George Lekas and Ron Averett on a recent podcast.

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