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Moldova rebuffs Russian Foreign Ministry’s statement on Transnistria, says it has no right to lecture anybody on democracy


Moldova’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reacted to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s comments on Transnistrian lawmakers’ appeals for assistance from Russia.

Source: Moldovan Foreign Ministry quoted by NewsMaker, as reported by European Pravda

Details: As the Moldovan Foreign Ministry emphasised, “Lavrov and the Kremlin regime have no moral right to school anyone on democracy and freedom.”

“A country that jails opposition politicians and kills them, unreasonably attacks its neighbours, can offer the world nothing but blood and pain.”

The Foreign Ministry added that Transnistria benefits from economic integration with the EU. Transnistria exports more than 70% of its goods to EU countries, the ministry says.

Quote: “Moldova is a democratic country where freedom and respect for human rights are core values. We are creating a European future in which all citizens, regardless of language or ethnicity, can live in peace and prosperity.”

The day before, Lavrov stated that Moldova was impeding the 5+2-format negotiation process for the Transnistrian settlement (the 5+2-format negotiations involve Moldova and Transnistria as warring sides, Ukraine, Russia and OSCE as mediators, and the US and EU as observers – ed.)

The Russian minister also accuses Moldova of “blocking everything Russian, discrimination against the Russian language,” and putting “serious economic pressure on Transnistria.”

On 28 February, the so-called MPs from the unrecognised breakaway state of Transnistria requested at a congress that Russia “protect it against the pressure of Moldova.”

In response, the Moldovan government issued a statement emphasising that the congress of the so-called lawmakers of the unrecognised breakaway state of Transnistria and its decisions do not pose a threat of escalation and destabilisation, calling the meeting a pure propaganda event.

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