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Missouri and Louisiana will hold presidential primaries on Saturday


Missouri and Louisiana will hold presidential primaries on Saturday
Donald Trump and Joe Biden (R) (AP file photo)

NEW DELHI: Missouri and Louisiana are gearing up for their presidential primaries on Saturday, providing US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump with additional opportunities to secure delegates. Biden is set to participate in the Democratic primary in both states, while Republicans will only cast their votes in Louisiana, as the Missouri GOP already conducted caucuses on March 2. Although there is little suspense in these races, they are closely monitored by insiders for voter turnout and indications of protest votes.
Biden faces discontent from some liberals expressing their frustration over Israel’s conflict with Hamas since the militant group’s attack on Oct 7. The escalating violence has resulted in over 30,000 reported deaths, with a significant number being women and children, according to Gaza authorities. A protest movement initiated by Arab American communities in Michigan has gained momentum in several other states.
On the other hand, Trump remains a dominant figure in his party and has secured his third consecutive Republican nomination. However, he encounters dissent from individuals concerned about the legal challenges he is confronting and those critical of his presidency, which concluded shortly after the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection fueled by his unfounded claims of election fraud.
The upcoming primary in Missouri marks the Democratic Party’s first party-run presidential contest following the implementation of a new law in August 2022. Louisiana’s primaries, on the other hand, come nearly four years after the state became the first to postpone its primaries due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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