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‘Miranda’s Victim’ Trailer – Abigail Breslin Stars in Courtroom Drama

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The Big Picture

  • Miranda’s Victim is a crime drama based on real events, with Abigial Breslin playing 18-year-old Trish Weir.
  • The trailer creates suspense by showcasing the emotional journey of the victim, highlighting her determination to seek justice.
  • The film features an impressive cast, including Luke Wilson, Ryan Phillippe, and Donald Sutherland, and explores the origins of Miranda’s law.

One of the compelling aspects of the true crime genre lies in its ability to shine the spotlight on broader societal issues and in some cases highlight deficiencies within the justice system. This often catalyzes reforms aimed at closing loopholes that might otherwise allow criminals to evade accountability. A prime example of this phenomenon will be presented in the upcoming crime drama, Miranda’s Victim, based on real events that transpired in the early 1960s. The said events revolve around the kidnapping and sexual assault of 18-year-old Trish Weir at the hands of Ernesto Miranda. Vertical has today released a first-look trailer at the thriller teasing what to expect.

The 2-minute-long trailer promises the feature will deliver a raw and unfiltered chronicle of these events. While the outcome of this real-life case is known to the public, the trailer succeeds at creating an air of suspense as Weir’s unwavering determination to seek justice sets her on an emotional rollercoaster affecting not just her life but the lives of those closest to her. Weir’s decision to testify, she explains is an unselfish one, “It’s not just for me, but for the next girl,” she says to her concerned mom Zeola, who tries to discourage her from testifying in court for fear that she could become “damaged goods.”

Thankfully, the prosecutor matches Weir’s determination to ensure justice prevails, standing firm even in the face of staunch opposition from Ernesto’s defense attorney who seeks to exploit loopholes to get the criminal off the hook. Heated courtroom scenes abound in the trailer as opposing parties lock horns in what resulted in a historic verdict that ultimately created Miranda’s law where a criminal has “the right to remain silent.”

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Who Else Stars in ‘Miranda’s Victim’?

Scream Queens alum, Abigail Breslin embodies Weir, the central figure in the case, appearing alongside a star-studded cast. Luke Wilson plays the prosecutor clashing against Miranda’s attorney Ryan Phillippe while Golden Globe winner, Donald Sutherland plays the presiding Judge Laurance T. Wren. Rounding out the A-list cast are Emily VanCamp, Mireille Enos, Enrique Murciano, Josh Bowman, Brent Sexton, Sebastian Quinn, Taryn Manning, Nolan Gould, Dan Lauria, Michael Mulheren, Kyle MacLachlan and Andy Garcia.

Miranda’s Victim is written by J. Craig Stiles, who co-wrote the story alongside George Kolber and Richard Lasser, and is directed by Michelle Danner. The movie first premiered in February at the 2023 Santa Barbara International Film Festival and will be released in theaters and on-demand on October 6. Check out the trailer below:

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