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Mike Tyson Vs Jake Paul – Video Preview


Coming up on July 20th, from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, in a bout that will be broadcast on the streaming app service known as Netflix, YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul will apparently be fighting the former undisputed world heavyweight champion, the former Baddest Man on the Planet, the one and only Iron Mike Tyson.

This is a mighty strange clash, even by modern boxing standards. By the time this fight takes place, assuming it does, Tyson will be 58 years old, and Jake Paul just turned 27.

YouTube video

To put things in perspective here, Tyson won his first major world championship in November 1986, and Paul wasn’t even born until January 1997. It’s insane! Paul was born in between Tyson’s first loss against Holyfield, and the infamous bite fight that took place when Paul was just 5 months old.

So on one hand, you have a former all time great who is literally 35 years removed from his best days, and on the other hand you have a young man in his physical prime, who has some boxing experience, despite never competing anywhere near an elite level. It IS a circus sideshow attraction, but one that involves Iron Mike Tyson whose entire second career played out a bit like a sideshow attraction with some of his antics and other bizarre behavior.

The assumption here is that this will just be a friendly glorified sparring session, with neither fighter having serious intentions of hurting each other. But what happens if, in the heat of the moment, a real fight breaks out between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul?

This edition of Rummy’s Corner will attempt to answer that question and also provide a quick preview of the bizarre upcoming matchup between Jake Paul and the former undisputed world heavyweight champion Iron Mike Tyson. Please watch and enjoy the video for one man’s opinion. This is Rummy’s Corner (produced and narrated by Geoffrey Ciani).

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