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Midnight Mania! Colby Covington reveals injury behind disastrous UFC 296 performance, shares x-ray evidence


Welcome to Midnight Mania!

As with any year in combat sports, 2023 had its fair share of strange moments and bad decision-making. One of the most standout poor performances came from Colby Covington, who talked his way into a title shot versus Leon Edwards at UFC 296 and then … barely tried to win?

It was bizarre (watch highlights). Covington has never been an overly complex fighter, but “Chaos” has historically understood how he wins fights: a combination of pressure, volume, and elite wrestling. Opposite “Rocky,” Covington hung out on the back foot, didn’t throw many strikes, and barely tried to wrestle until late in the fight.


Two months later, we may have an explanation. While talking with Submission Radio, Covington revealed that he broke his foot early in the first round, which affected his ability to throw punches and wrestle effectively. He also brought x-rays to prove his injury to any would-be doubters.

“The result wasn’t what I wanted, it wasn’t my night. I broke my foot right away, and I couldn’t plant or explode off it to use the wrestling and pressure I planned to use. I didn’t want to disclose this information until I had the x-rays.”

Covington continued, “I knew straight away it was bad. It was the first kick I threw, it landed right on his elbow. He was in Orthodox, so I kind of got a little overzealous, and I wanted to rip a high kick towards his Orthodox side, cause I didn’t know if he would be defensively sound like he is from Southpaw … Haters will still find a way to hate on me for fighting 25 minutes on one leg while landing over a hundred strikes more than Leon!”

That number at the end is completely made up, for the record.

Broken foot or not, Covington’s loss at UFC 296 seriously hurt his position at 170 lbs. Until he’s able to return to the win column against a top contender (like this one), “Chaos” has effectively been removed from the Welterweight title picture.


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Slips, rips, and KO clips

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A tight left hook while fading back ended this contest.

Faced with an opponent who is slipping punches well? Throwing up a high kick is a great idea!

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Midnight Music: A request from longtime MMAmaniac, arm.bar.bandit.

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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