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Michael ‘Venom’ Page wants Usman fight after beating Garry at UFC 303


Michael “Venom” Page isn’t worried about Conor McGregor’s withdrawal from UFC 303. He’s focused on his own fight against Ian Machado Garry at the same event, and the following fights that will lead him to a welterweight title shot.

Page spoke about the path he sees to UFC gold in a new interview with Chamatkar Sandhu, which started at UFC 299 with a win over Kevin Holland.

“You know, Kevin Holland as a first fight, for anybody, it’s a crazy first fight,” Page said. “People saw what I did there. I know my ability. I’m comfortable with anybody up there. So I’m just looking to just get up there as quickly as possible.”

“You can see [my] popularity has gone up. You see the respect level. Especially after that first fight and how I handled Kevin, who is an amazing athlete, high level. He’s come straight back, broke someone’s arm. He’s a tough competitor.”

“The way I handled him, they saw the frustration in his eyes and how he struggled to handle me,” he continued. “I think there’s loads of respect. But it’s interesting, I’ve been telling you guys this for a long time, you guys just don’t listen. Before, I was ‘crushing cans,’ and now everyone’s like, ‘Oh, you can actually fight.’”

“MVP” sees the Ian Garry fight on June 29th as the perfect springboard to the top of the division.

“He’s an Irish guy that’s doing he’s doing really well … he’s [ranked] 7th, which is my lucky number,” Page said. “So that’s that’s another reason why I was like, ‘Yep. I want that.’ And it propels me into the top 5. So it’s exactly where I wanna be. I don’t wanna waste any time.”

From there Page believes he’s one more fight away from earning a title shot on home turf in England.

“If I wanna bring it back to the UK, there will most likely be one more fight,” he said. “And then they usually do a show in March or something. So if I can get one more fight by the end of the year, that’d be perfect. Perfect way to sign off the year.”

“Finish Ian. Maybe ask for Usman. You know? Get a big fight next. He’s No. 1 ranked. Like I said, there’s no point wasting time. Let’s jump up. Let’s go. Usman, if he’s happy to go, we go. Get that win, and then there’s no debate after that. It’s like no, I deserve the belt.”

As for how “Venom” plans on beating Garry?

“I’ve got about ten different ways to hurt this guy, and they’re all horrible,” he said with a smile. “So he can pick.”

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