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Michael Jackson Biopic Will Include “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”

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The Big Picture

  • Filmmaker Antoine Fuqua reveals that his next project is a biopic on Michael Jackson, focusing on the artist’s life and allowing viewers to form their own opinions about the divisive singer.
  • The production of the biopic is currently on hold due to ongoing strikes in the entertainment industry by SAG-AFTRA and the WGA.
  • Jafaar Jackson, Michael Jackson’s nephew, will portray his famous uncle in the film. Lionsgate is backing the project and Graham King, known for producing Bohemian Rhapsody, is also attached.

Best known for his unique vision behind drama-heavy and high-octane titles including Emancipation, The Magnificent Seven, King Arthur, Training Day, and The Equalizer franchise, it may have come as a surprise to some that filmmaker Antoine Fuqua would be shifting gears to a biopic. And, not just any biopic, but that of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. In an interview with Collider’s Steve Weintraub, the iconic director gave fans an update on when they can expect to see the film and what parts of the divisive musician’s life will make it into the final cut.

Like many other entertainment projects, Fuqua revealed that the biopic was currently on hold due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes. “I’m just kind of waiting to see where it all falls out,” the filmmaker revealed, touching on how the production has faced an abrupt stop during this historical time in Hollywood. But, one thing’s for sure, the Jackson biopic is still on as Fuqua confirmed, “Yes, that’s my next project.”

As to what years and bits of the singer’s life audiences can expect the biopic to cover, Fuqua says that he’ll be sticking to “the facts as I know it.” While the life of Jackson has been up for debate following allegations of child abuse, the director plans to give audiences “a better insight on Michael [Jackson] as an artist, as a human being — the good, bad, and the ugly — and let people decide for themselves on what they feel about Michael Jackson.” Seeing his story as “worthwhile,” the filmmaker hopes that the project will get viewers talking about the man behind the music.

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What Do We Know About Fuqua’s Michael Jackson Biopic?

Beyond this new information about when fans can expect to see the story of Jackson play out on the big screen and how Fuqua will shape the film, a handful of other very informative bits about the biopic have been released. Perhaps most importantly, we know that Jackson’s own nephew, Jafaar Jackson will moonwalk into the role of his famous uncle. The son of The Jackson 5 singer, Jermaine Jackson, Jafaar Jackson is a chip off the old block, with a talent for performing. Lionsgate serves as the studio backing the film with Graham King producing. Fans of Queen will recognize King’s name for the stamp he left on the glam-rock band’s biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody.

As of right now, no release window has been set for the untitled Jackson biopic but fans of Fuqua’s The Equalizer franchise can catch the third installment of the Denzel Washington-led films in theaters on September 1, 2023. Don’t miss our full conversation with Fuqua below.

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