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Mesa County votes against sanctuary status


Mesa County votes against sanctuary status

MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KREX) — Hundreds of migrants arriving from South America and all over the world descended into the Denver metro area recently causing challenges with housing and food.
Denver’s Mayor Mike Johnston was quoted as saying he would discuss a potential “partnership” with Fort Collins and Grand Junction.
Grand Junction Mayor Anna Stout contacted the Denver mayor and received an apology as he had never received any commitment or plans from Grand Junction regarding immigrants.
In response, the Mesa County board of commissioners took it upon themselves to pass a resolution stating that Mesa County would not become a sanctuary county.
Mesa County Commissioner Janet Rowland contends the board is trying to focus on the unhoused already in Mesa County along with those who require public assistance.
“We have to point out, we already have 2,300 unsheltered individuals in Mesa County that have no shelter at all. We have 46,000 Mesa County residents that are receiving some type of public assistance, that is 1/3 of our population in Mesa County.”
As part of its resolution, Mesa County will also send Denver’s mayor a letter stating in part, “good intentions must be backed by practical capabilities.”

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