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Manipal Marathon’s 6th Edition Takes on Hospice Palliative Care with a Pledge


Manipal Marathon’s 6th Edition Takes on Hospice Palliative Care with a Pledge
  • The mega marathon will be held on 11th February 2024

  • The 6th edition of Marathon to witness more than 100 people across several countries like USA, Japan, France, Tarkey, Ethiopia, Kenya, Germany, England and Australia

  • Over 200 visually impaired people from Samarthanam Trust to join the race and 150 physically challenged people to extend their support & enthusiastic participation in MAHE’s 6th edition Marathon from all over Karnataka.

  • The marathon will be organised in collaboration with Udupi District Amateur Athletic Association

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) in collaboration with the Udupi District Amateur Athletic Association (UDAAA) is organising its annual running event, The Manipal Marathon. Marathon stands as the largest student-organized marathon in the country that takes place in Manipal of Udupi District.

27299 Marathon Press Meet

Manipal Marathon’s 6th Edition Takes on Hospice Palliative Care with a Pledge – ‘We are with you all the way’

With approximately 15,000 participants, the Manipal Marathon offers a grand carnival celebration after the run and offers substantial prize money to its winners. The race routes guide runners through the stunning landscapes of Manipal and the Udupi coastline, boasting international certification from the IAAF AIMS. The various categories, being full marathon (42.195k), half marathon (21.098k), 10k, 5k and 3k have been carefully devised to fit into every runner’s capability, be it a beginner or a professional. Last category for 3 KM run also called as 3K Fun Run will have on spot registrations and will be free of cost. Following the completion of the Manipal Marathon, participants are treated to a magnificent carnival celebration, in addition to significant monetary rewards for the winners. We are awarding upto twenty one lakhs prize money.

Ahead of the event which is scheduled for 11th of February, MAHE hosted a press conference addressing the media on the upcoming marathon and spoke about the idea behind organising one of the largest marathons in the country. The event will aim to raise awareness for “Hospice” palliative care, carrying the tagline “We are with you all the way”. Along with a thrilling race, the marathon will provide with an opportunity to support and learn about an essential cause in the field of healthcare.

Speaking at the conference, Lt Gen (Dr.) M D Venkatesh – Vice Chancellor, MAHE, said, The Manipal Marathon is not just a race; it’s a celebration of excellence, a showcase of global participation. I am thrilled to witness the culmination of athletic prowess, global unity, and social responsibility at the Manipal Marathon 2024 Our University has always been at the forefront of fostering not just academic excellence but holistic development. I am incredibly thrilled to see our campus community coming together as we prepare ready for this event to pursue a healthier lifestyle and a deeper feeling of unity. I express my gratitude & appreciation to everyone involved in organising this mega marathon.”

Dr. Sharath Rao, Pro Vice Chancellor (Health Sciences), MAHE, Manipal, said, “We see a potent convergence of enthusiasm, tenacity, and team spirit as we prepare to host the 6th edition of Manipal Marathon. As it is a student led drive this underscores our commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals who are not only academically adept but also socially conscious. The marathon’s dedication to raising awareness for ‘Hospice’ palliative care aligns with our ethos of contributing meaningfully to societal well-being.”

Dr. HS Ballal, Pro – Chancellor of MAHE, said, “I’m overjoyed to see the anticipation for our impending marathon growing. With each stride, we are building our University family’s unity and friendship in addition to our physical conditioning. I urge everyone taking part to embrace the marathon’s spirit, relish the experience, and allow it to serve as motivation to live better, more active lifestyles.”

Along with global participants, the marathon will see participation of over 200 visually impaired individuals from Samarthanam Trust and 150 physically challenged people from all across Karnataka.

Manipal Academy of Higher Education also presented a cheque of INR Five Lakhs to Udupi Press club in order to support medical treatment/health checkups for the journalists.

We are proudly partnering with ICICI Bank, SBI Bank, Federal Bank, and Bank of Baroda (Credit card division).

For more updates follow the Facebook page of Manipal Marathon.

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