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Mandy Moore feflects on turbulent marriage to Ryan Adams and finding love again


Mandy Moore opened up about her past marriage to musician Ryan Adams, revealing insights into her youthful naivete and the evolution of her beliefs about relationships.

During a recent episode of Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s podcast “Dinner’s on Me,” the “This Is Us” star reflected on her turbulent relationship with Adams, admitting that looking back, it feels like a different person experienced it. Moore married Adams at the age of 24, a decision coinciding with her parents’ divorce after 30 years of marriage. She confessed to believing in the misconception that marriage should be arduous and that enduring hardships was part of the journey.

However, Moore eventually came to the realization that marriage shouldn’t feel overwhelmingly difficult or emotionally draining. She shared, “It’s not supposed to be this hard. It’s not supposed to feel this bad. A person is not supposed to treat you like this.” Her marriage to Adams left her feeling hollow and isolated, enduring what she described as psychological abuse.

Despite the pain she endured, Moore expressed gratitude for the experience, acknowledging that it taught her valuable lessons and led her to her current husband, Taylor Goldsmith. Moore and Goldsmith tied the knot in 2018 and are now parents to two young sons, August Harrison and Oscar Bennett.

Reflecting on her journey, Moore revealed that her divorce from Adams served as a crucial turning point, as Goldsmith’s unwavering support during the ordeal convinced her that she had found the right partner. She admired his resilience and calm demeanor during the challenging times, which solidified her belief that he was the person she was meant to be with.

mandy moore goldsmith
Mandy Moore with Taylor Goldsmith [PHOTO: KEVIN MAZUR/GETTY]

Mandy Moore’s candid revelations offer a glimpse into the complexities of relationships and the importance of recognizing toxic dynamics. Her story serves as a reminder that while challenges are inevitable in marriage, they should not overshadow the fundamental values of love, respect, and mutual support.

Despite the trials she faced, Moore’s journey ultimately led her to a place of healing and happiness, surrounded by a loving family and a partner who stands by her through thick and thin.

As Mandy Moore continues to share her experiences, her story serves as a source of inspiration for those navigating their own relationship journeys, reminding them that there is hope and possibility for a brighter future beyond the pain of the past.

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