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Madelaine Petsch Faces Danger in ‘The Strangers’ Reboot Sneak Peek

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The Strangers: Chapter 1, based on the original story by Bryan Bertino and the 2008 film The Strangers, has released the first look inside the vacation home where Riverdale’s Madelaine Petsch who plays Maya, and her long-time boyfriend Ryan (played by Teen Wolf’s Froy Gutierrez) are staying at. Well, the masked intruders aren’t coming slow, one of them is already in, and it’s extremely eerie to watch!

Directed by Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2, Deep Blue Sea), with a script written by Alan R. Cohen and Alan Freedland, The Strangers: Chapter 1 is actually a part of a trilogy that will be released in 2024. Yes, there are two more films currently in development set to follow Chapter 1 of the new reboot.

The new series follows the story of a young couple who drive across the country to start a new life. However, while they’re on their way, the car breaks down, and they’re forced to rent an isolated Airbnb for the night — which looks like a cottage. Throughout the night, the couple has to pull strings to stay alive as masked intruders terrorize their stay.

Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 of ‘The Strangers’ Will Expand the Story

Madelaine Petsch in The Strangers: Chapter 1
Image via Lionsgate

Petsch initially had her doubts when she first received the scripts for The Strangers: Chapter 1. “I’d like to first tell that person that I too feel that way about the original Strangers. When I got sent the trilogy of scripts, I said, ‘This feels like a behemoth that maybe shouldn’t be touched.’ I really felt that way as well and I was very resistant to the idea,” Petsch shared during an interview with Collider’s Perri Nemiroff earlier this year. However, it wasn’t long before she realized that this whole trilogy saga by Harlin actually gives so much more meaning to it.

In The Strangers: Chapter 1, audiences will see lead characters getting more backstory and depth, allowing the audience to get emotionally invested in the movie — as is evident by the new clip. The Strangers: Chapter 2 will then expand the story in unexpected ways and each character will get more development than it originally did.

The trilogy will debut in 2024 — the final release date has yet not been announced. Check out the official clip that debuted yesterday at New York Comic Con and shared by Lionsgate Movies below.

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