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‘Love Virtually’ Trailer Mixes the Dating World With AI and VR

by smbpapon22P

The Big Picture

  • Love Virtually is a romcom that explores the influence of AI and VR on modern love, presenting a world where people seek comfort in algorithms and simulate dates without leaving their couches.
  • The trailer for Love Virtually strikes a satirical tone, combining elements of Black Mirror with a more light-hearted approach, allowing viewers to have fun while contemplating important questions about love and human connection in an increasingly virtual world.
  • Love Virtually stands out with its incorporation of 3D animation, providing a glimpse into a virtual dating world reminiscent of failed tech ventures like Meta or OASIS. While the concept may not be far off, it offers relief that we haven’t reached such extreme levels yet.

For the better part of the last decade, our love lives and romantic relationships have been immensely influenced and modified by technology. However, AI is set to change our dynamics online yet again, and the upcoming romantic comedy Love Virtually wants us to think about how this will affect us. In the trailer that Collider can exclusively debut, modern love is put front and center and some shocking possibilities are contemplated. We can also share with you that the movie premieres on November 7.

The trailer for Love Virtually has Black Mirror vibes, although with a far less bleak tone. In the world presented by the story, VR and AI have become an important part of people’s love lives, meaning that some individuals seek comfort by talking with an algorithm and others go on a dating night inside a simulation without ever leaving their couches.

‘Black Mirror’ Meets ‘Love Actually’


If that seems scary it’s because it is, but the trailer for Love Virtually makes it clear that the tone of the romcom will be more satirical than gut-punching. The good thing about it is that we get to have fun while considering important questions about love, commitment and how we relate to each other in an era where nothing seems real and everything — and everyone —seems disposable.

Love Virtually will also offer an entire 3D-animation section, something that it’s not common at all in romcoms and certainly will set this one apart. The idea is to convey to viewers the virtual dating world that is like Facebook’s failed Meta or Ready Player One‘s OASIS. It’s not impossible to imagine all of that in the modern world, but it’s a relief to think that we are not quite there yet.

Love Virtually is directed by L.E. Staiman, who is making a feature film directing debut. Staiman co-writes the screenplay with Cheston Mizel, who also makes a feature film writing debut. The director and screenwriter also stars in the movie along with Cheri Oteri (Scary Movie), Paul F. Tompkins (BoJack Horseman), Peter Gilroy (Zombeavers), Ryan O’Flanagan (American Vandal), Adam Ray (Young Rock), Nikki Howard (Beyond Paranormal), Tom Virtue (Green Book), Paige Mobley (America’s Next Top Model), Vincent Washington (Bad Times at the El Royale), Ksenia Valenti (This Much) and Stephen Tobolowsky (Silicon Valley).

Love Virtually premieres On Digital and On Demand on November 7.

You can watch the trailer below:

Check out the official synopsis here:

In a world where the Metaverse has become widely adopted, four couples go to ridiculous lengths to find true love in a virtual world. Love Virtually is a retro future satirical rom-com for the Metaverse era, blending live action and 3D animation as It explores and exposes the absurd reality of our world and where we are heading, while probing life’s deepest questions such as: How does a celebrity find someone who loves them for their true selves? Is it cheating if it’s in VR? And, Is it cheating if it’s with an AI?

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