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Lily James and Willem Dafoe Take a Ride in First ‘Finally Dawn’ Clip

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The film premieres this week at the Venice Film Festival.

The Big Picture

  • The film Finally Dawn combines a real-life mystery with a fictional story, adding depth and intrigue to the narrative.
  • The setting of the film at the historic Cinecittà film studios adds an additional layer of interest to the story.
  • The clip featuring Willem Dafoe speaking Italian, alongside the talented cast, has raised anticipation for the premiere of Finally Dawn and what it has in store.

Finally Dawn is set to make its world premiere this Friday at the Venice Film Festival and now we have a clip to get us excited for the Saverio Costanzo film. The drama, which is a 1950s Cinecittà-set film, is in competition at the festival celebrating Rome’s historic Cinecittà film studios and centers around a young girl named Mimosa, played by newcomer Rebecca Antonaci. Antonaci joins an all-star cast in a tale of the nightlife that awaits Mimosa and the group of actors she finds herself surrounded by.

Joe Keery, Willem Dafoe, and Lily James play opposite Antonaci in the film and now in our first clip of Finally Dawn, we can see how the three interact with the young Mimosa as they are driving in a car together. In an exclusive clip from Deadline, we can see Dafoe using his Italian — the actor is married to Giada Colagrande and has talked about speaking Italian in past interviews — to translate what James’ Josephine Esperanto is asking of Mimosa.

The clip in question introduces the characters to Mimosa, setting the scene for her night of discovery with the actors around her and sets an interesting tone to the film that does have an air of mystery within its story. especially pertaining to the real-life story of Wilma Montesi, a woman whose body was found near Rome in the 1950s. Seeing the four of these characters all together in this brief clip is enough to have audiences fascinated by whatever it is that Costanzo has in store for us.


Marrying real-life mystery with art

We have recently, been bringing real-life stories into the midst of a fictional world. It helps to not only give us a history we might not have known prior but also helps us just invest in what the film itself is telling us. The clip doesn’t show us how Montesi’s story plays into the film but having it set during an important time in cinema history, with the Cinecittà setting. That paired with Dafoe speaking Italian, as well as the appeal of both James and Keery within the story itself, has the anticipation for Finally Dawn higher than it normally would be. It’s premiere is this week, and we’ll have more of an idea on the film as a whole, but this clip has us excited for what Finally Dawn has in store.

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