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‘Leave her alone’: UK’s Labour leader urges respect and privacy for Princess Kate


NEW DELHI: British Labour party leader Keir Starmer has called for respect and privacy for Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, following her recent abdominal surgery, which has sparked various rumors and conspiracy theories.
Speaking on Channel 5, Starmer emphasized the importance of leaving Kate alone during this time, as she recovers from a non-cancerous medical procedure.He said, “as a human being, we should just butt out and leave her alone… It’s a human response.”
In the midst of online speculations, Kate made headlines for editing a family photo taken by her husband, Prince William, leading to further curiosity. Several British newspapers, including the Sun, have urged the public to refrain from spreading unfounded claims.
Starmer expressed his sympathy towards Kate, highlighting the need to respect her privacy during this challenging period.
Kate’s office has maintained a stance of providing limited updates on her recovery, abiding by the royal principle of “never complain, never explain.” The Princess of Wales was recently spotted in a video shared by the Sun, showing her smiling and carrying shopping bags alongside Prince William at a farm shop near their residence in Windsor. Meanwhile, the British data watchdog is investigating reports of hospital staff allegedly attempting to access Kate’s private health records.
(With Reuters inputs)

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