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Keyshawn Davis: “I Am One Of The Best At 135”


On paper, Jose Pedraza was supposed to be the best fighter that Keyshawn Davis ever fought. He isn’t quite as young as he used to be at the age of 34. His legs and reflexes aren’t the same either. Still, Pedraza was a former world champion in two separate divisions and will probably spend the latter part of his career testing and frustrating the game’s up-and-comers.

His new job description, however, isn’t one he’s enjoying.

Just this past Thursday night, Pedraza had no clue what to do once Davis got his engine going. The success was never quite there but Pedraza has always been as durable as they come. Yet, from the moment they signed up to fight, Davis knew he could hurt his man.

There were countless times where he actually did but Davis never rushed the process. He was patient when he needed to be but violent when the opportunity presented itself. When he finally closed the show in the sixth, Davis wasn’t overly buoyant. Getting Pedraza out of there was simply bound to happen.

“The first time when I hurt him, I was trying to get him up outta there but he’s a veteran,” explained Davis to several reporters. “I knew the stoppage was gonna come eventually.”

A win over Pedraza could be viewed in two different lights depending on who you asked. In the eyes of some, Davis grabbed the biggest win of his career and now he’ll move on to bigger and better things while continuing to prove himself.

Davis somewhat agrees with that. He knows the competition is about to get a whole lot stiffer. That isn’t much of a problem but in terms of proving that he belongs, Davis believes he just did that.

“I’m only 10-0. I got a long career ahead of me, only 24 years old but I am one of the best at 135.”

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