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Kellan Lutz Seeks His Family’s Killers in ‘Due Justice’ Trailer

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Kellan Lutz, Jeff Fahey, and Efren Ramirez star in the revenge action thriller in November.

The Big Picture

  • Saban Films is releasing an action thriller called Due Justice next month, starring Kellan Lutz as a grief-stricken attorney seeking revenge for the murder of his wife and brother and the kidnapping of his daughter.
  • Javier Reyna, the writer and director of Due Justice, previously made his directorial debut with the award-winning Regionrat.
  • The trailer highlights the brutality of the film and showcases Lutz’s transformation into an unstoppable force of vengeance. Due Justice is set to be released on November 23.

Audiences love a good revenge film, from action-heavy features like Oldboy to horror classics like Carrie and everything in between. Saban Films is bringing another such film to theaters next month in the form of Due Justice, an action thriller starring The Twilight Saga veteran Kellan Lutz as an attorney with a past in the Marines who seeks revenge against those responsible for killing his wife and brother and kidnaping his young daughter. Collider is excited to share an exclusive trailer and poster showing the loving father forever changed by grief and vengeance.

The trailer is quick to emphasize the brutality of the film as one driver attacks another on a quiet street. Max (Lutz) takes the death of his wife and FBI agent brother incredibly hard. As he walks through their home to see the destruction and violence that unfolded, he’s filled with unthinkable sorrow. An official investigation is underway headed by Detective Santiago (Efren Ramirez), but Max isn’t ready to sit idly by and let the process take its course. He finds the killer, but it only leads him deeper down a rabbit hole as he tries to find his missing daughter. The whole operation leads back to a shady organization leader (Jeff Fahey) who tells Max that he can have her back if he retrieves the money his brother stole from them. Rather than acquiesce, Max becomes an unstoppable force of vengeance, defying Santiago’s wishes as he continues on his violent path back to his daughter.

Lutz is no stranger to the action genre with the 2015 Bruce Willis film Extraction under his belt as well as The Expendables 3. In Due Justice, he takes on a leading role that isn’t that dissimilar to that of Liam Neeson in Taken as he puts his particular set of military skills to work destroying the people who ruined his life. The poster demonstrates his transformation from a family man to an avatar of vengeance. Donning a hood and brandishing a gun at his side while standing in front of a fire, he’s ready to leave everyone who wronged him in flames.

Who Is Behind the Camera for ‘Due Justice’?

Image via Saban Films

At the helm of Due Justice as both writer and director is Javier Reyna who made his feature directorial debut back in 2019 with the award-winning dramedy Regionrat. He’s more experienced in the writer’s room than behind the camera, previously co-writing the screenplay for Black Warrant which also featured the Lost star Fahey. Also on the horizon is Art Camacho‘s Ruthless starring Dermot Mulroney for which he helped pen the script.

Due Justice is due out on November 23. Check out the exclusive trailer below.

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