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Kayla Harrison ‘Ahead of Schedule’ in Cut to Bantamweight for UFC 300


One of the most intriguing storylines heading into UFC
300 is Kayla
Harrison’s ability to make the cut to 135 pounds.

According to her strength and conditioning coach, Jeremy Fedoruk,
Harrison is currently “ahead of schedule” to make the bantamweight
limit for her April 13 clash with Holly Holm.
Fedroruk has been working with Harrison since the two-time Olympic
gold medalist joined American Top Team in 2018. Fedoruk says
Harrison made the decision to cut to 135 pounds after meeting with
him and nutritionist Eric Pena.

“That decision was made by the team after we talked, and we didn’t
see any issues for her to reach 135,” Fedoruk told Sherdog.com. “We
already reached 145 pounds in the past, now we have to lose 10 more

In the past, Harrison has relied on her power to impose her will on
opponents, but Fedoruk doesn’t expect the former
Professional Fighters League lightweight champ to lose strength
with the drop in weight class.

“Our camp was based on losing some muscle density without losing
power,” he said. “But you have to realize too that Kayla’s been
throwing people around and slamming bodies to the mats most of her
life. She is a power-based athlete, high velocity, high level of
conditioning — so our camp goes on to keep her power up, keep her
conditioning well up and obviously, stay injury free.

“Based on how the camp is going and what we planned prior, she is
not gonna lose any power or strength. I can tell you that now,
three weeks prior to the fight, she is looking amazing, way ahead
of schedule. Period.”

Fedoruk avoided offering any concrete predictions for Harrison’s
UFC debut, but it is nonetheless clear that his expectations are

“What I can say is that Kayla is unique,” he said. “Amazing
athlete, amazing fighter and amazing person. [She’s a] two-time
gold medalist and two-time PFL champion and she is driven. Since
the goals are set and the challenge is ahead, if anyone will blow
through it, it’s gonna be her.

“She is a beast in the cage, a total professional, an amazing heart
that cannot be measured and also, she is experienced. Not taking
anything away from Holly, but Kayla is unique and she will show
that once again on April 13.”

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