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Kanekyo Released Web Application “TULET” Beta Version to Build Trust Between Partners/Lovers/Couples


– No more breakups due to inflation-

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In an age when the diversity of encounters and economic uncertainty make it more difficult for partnerships to build healthy relationships, Kanekyo Corporation has released the beta version of TULET. TULET is a new application to improve relationship and emotional transparency, Clarifying Contracts and Commitments, and Ensuring Commitment and Fairness by providing solutions to challenges in partnerships.

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Although inflation has peaked out in France, it exceeded 5%(*1) for two consecutive years in 2022 and 2023, making daily life difficult due to rapid price increases. Due in part to the uncertain economic outlook, the number of births in 2023 has decreased by 20% less than in 2010, the year of the last peak in births. (*2)

Under these circumstances, this application was developed to meet the need to eliminate inconvenience and build trust by easily confirming commitment between partners.

A beta version of “TULET” is available today on the website.

Kanekyo Corporation, a provider of ESG investment and corporate advisory services, identified three inconveniences caused by ambiguity in commitments between individuals as opposed to between corporations.

To address these inconveniences, “TULET” offers the following three solutions.

  1. Inconvenience due to relationships: Through the application, we provide status tokens and communication functions that enable simple expression of feelings and expectations, thereby improving the transparency of relationships.
  2. Inconvenience due to responsibility: The app makes it easy to review agreements and commitments that have been agreed upon and clarifies where responsibility lies. This supports the smooth progress of partnerships.
  3. Inconvenience due to rights: Strictly manage rights matters in the app to ensure fairness within the partnership.

“TULET” will eliminate any inconvenience between partners and support a richer experience based on “trust” between two people.

(*1) https://www.imf.org/en/Search#q=france%20cpi&sort=relevancy
(*2) https://www.insee.fr/en/statistiques/7757334

[Valentine’s Day Campaign]

Free distribution (airdrop) of NFTs for two weeks.

Only NFT owners can prove their partnership as witness within the app.

This is the function to invite the SNS.

URL: https://tulet.net

[About Kanekyo Corporation]

Kanekyo Corporation is an ESG investment and corporate finance advisory firm in Marunouchi, Tokyo. It is a signatory to the PRI in Japan.


Kanekyo Corporation

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+81 3-6271-9135


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