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Jose Benavidez Sr.’s Frustration Boils Over…Again At Canelo


An angry-sounding Jose Benavidez Sr. claims his son, David Benavidez, will “retire” Canelo Alvarez when that fight happens between them.

Jose Sr. is frustrated that Canelo won’t give the 27-year-old Benavidez the fight that he needs and has been asking for, and he’s at the point where he’s making retirement threats.

Threats Won’t Work on Canelo

Unfortunately, that’s probably not the ideal way for Jose Sr. to coax the superstar Canelo into fighting Benavidez (28-0, 24 KOs) because he’s not going to be angered or shamed into giving the ‘Mexican Monster’ the opportunity.

Jose Sr. has been using threats towards Canelo for ages, and it’s not been effective at motivating him to fight his son, Benavidez. He should be taking notes on the polite way Jaime Munguia went about getting the Canelo fight.

Munguia was humble about it and did his part, staying quiet and waiting to be blessed with a life-changing payday.

“How many pounds do you think Canelo brings into the fight? He’s a heavy guy, he’s a stocky guy,” said Jose Benavidez Sr. to Fight Hub TV, reacting to being told that Canelo Alvarez said that the only thing David Benavidez brings to their fight is 25 extra pounds after weighing in.

Bridges Burned

It’s fair to say that Jose Sr. and Benavidez burned their bridges with Canelo a long time ago, and it’s pointless for them to continue wasting time with a pressure campaign to get him to take the fight.

Badgering Canelo in public has worked against Benavidez and Jose Sr, who seem slow at grasping the mistakes they’ve made by using that method of acquiring the fight.

Canelo appears to want nothing to do with either of them, and he has an endless supply of fighters he can fight that will keep the money rolling in until he retires.

“We see a great champion [Canelo], a fighter that did everything in boxing, fade away. I think this is the end of Canelo Alvarez. He knows that David is going to retire him. He knows that David can hurt him, and he knows that David can stop him,” said Jose Sr.

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