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Joel Kinnaman Decks the Halls With Revenge in ‘Silent Night’ Trailer

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The Big Picture

  • Lionsgate released the first trailer for John Woo’s revenge flick Silent Night, featuring a father seeking justice for his son’s killers during Christmas time.
  • The trailer showcases intense action sequences with Joel Kinnaman’s character using various methods to eliminate the gangsters responsible.
  • Silent Night marks Woo’s return to directing for North American audiences after a long hiatus, and features a talented cast including Kinnaman, Catalina Sandino Moreno, and Scott Mescudi. Premieres on December 1.

Christmas has come early for fans of legendary action auteur John Woo. Lionsgate unveiled the first trailer for the director’s new holiday-themed revenge flick Silent Night which follows a father, played by Joel Kinnaman, who is left tormented after the death of his young son. Caught in the crossfire of gang violence, he’s also left with no voice and a burning hatred for his son’s killers. The footage follows him as he trains and sets out on a mission to deliver glorious justice to the men responsible for ruining his life.

Opening on a classic Christmas tune, the trailer kicks off with a furious Kinnaman running through the streets in his holiday sweater and a bell jingling around his neck. Between his furious sprint are images of the tragedy that befell him and his family – two rival gangs in the midst of a vehicular shootout swerved by their home leaving the father and son riddled with bullets. All of this occurred during the holidays, leaving the family broken during “the most wonderful time of the year.” The father barely survives and vows holly jolly vengeance on Christmas Eve. Until then, he pumps iron, identifies the men responsible, prepares his car, and hones his aim at the firing range.

“Ode to Joy” plays as the action begins in earnest, showing off Woo’s legendary touch. Kinnaman’s methods of offing these gangsters range from Fast and Furious-style car-chases to attacking them hand-to-hand in their homes and hideouts, setting makeshift explosives, or just mowing them down with firearms aplenty. Despite the grief of the film’s setup, the violence that comes after will be stylish, fun, and immensely cathartic. Though Kinnaman’s character can’t say anything, his actions speak louder than words as everyone in his path is methodically dispatched with a nice mix of slow motion for extra emphasis.

Woo Makes His Grand Return With ‘Silent Night’

Image via Lionsgate

Woo hasn’t been behind the camera since 2017’s Manhunt, but it has been even longer since he’s directed something for North American audiences. Silent Night will be his first American film since Paycheck in 2003, which featured a brilliant cast including Ben Affleck, Aaron Eckhart, and Uma Thurman. His long-awaited return is described as a modern-day almost silent film and will feature a strong cast of its own led by Kinnaman. He’ll be joined by Academy Award-nominated Maria Full of Grace star Catalina Sandino Moreno and Grammy-winning musician Scott Mescudi who has built up quite the acting resume of late with Entergalactic, X, and Young Love. Also aboard Woo’s team is Robert Archer Lynn who penned the screenplay.

Silent Night premieres in theaters just in time for the holidays on December 1. Check out the trailer below.

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