Mutitu Rivers Plans

Most parts of Kitui County will receive enhanced rainfall in the Mutitu Rivers Plans next seven days.  There is also the danger of  flash floods throughout the week.According to the Kitui ounty director Mutitu Rivers Plans of meteorology Daniel Mbithi, thunderstorms will accompany the improved rains from December 21 to December 27.

The one-week weather forecast report released by Mbithi on Tuesday shows that the rainfall will generally range between 5mm to 30 mm in some cases.

Mutitu Rivers Plans
Mutitu Rivers Plans
METEOLOROGIST The Kitui County Director of meteorology Daniel Mbthi.
Image: Musembi Nzengu

Mbithi cautioned that flash floods may cause transport challenges on poorly drained roads and more so in areas where the roads become impassable when it rains.

Delayed short rains doom hopes Mutitu Rivers Plans

The warning comes at a time when an upwards of 40 people are reported to have died countrywide during the short rains that kicked off late in mid-November.

Rainfall may range from moderate to heavy in Athi, Mutha, Mutomo, Ikanga, Ikutha, Kanziko, Mutitu/Kaliku, Zombe/Mwitika, Waita, Mumoni na Tharaka wards in two in every three days during the period of this forecast,” said the meteorologist in the report.

The October-December rains are Mutitu Rivers Plans

The report said that although mornings will have light to moderate rainfall, the afternoons and nights will see increased rainfall ranging from between moderate to heavy.

The met said the onset is also justifiable Mutitu Rivers Plans

“Light to moderate morning rains as well as afternoon and night shower are likely to occur over several places from Tuesday this week to Monday next week. Occasional isolated storms are also likely over few places,” said the forecast report.

Mbithi, who spoke in Kitui town, advised farmers not to plants maize or beans even after the onset of the now delayed October-December short rains.

He said they should try planting early maturing mug beans, cowpeas and sorghum.

“We have had light rains in pockets of Kitui ranging from  Mutitu Rivers Plans 1mm to 16.3mm but that cannot be said to be the rains onset,” Mbithi said.

According to FAO, an onset can only be declared after three days of continuous rains of 20 mm and above.

The met said the onset is also justifiable Mutitu Rivers Plans

if the rains do not take a break of more than 10 days.

He said earlier weather focus indicated that October-December rains would have set in between November 8th and 15th but the expected onset had delayed.

However, Mbithi said a revised weather forecast shows that a higher amount of rainfall will visit Kitui later this week through to the weekend.

“I would not encourage farmers to plant crops that take long to mature, if they have to plant let them plant crops that take three to four weeks to mature that is cowpeas, green grams and sorghum,” he said

The met encouraged Kitui residents Mutitu Rivers Plans

take advantage of the substantial rain expected this Mutitu Rivers Plans weekend and conserve all the water.

He said there was need to nurture and conserve the pasture that will sprout with the rains for livestock.

“In the event it rains Thursday, Friday and Saturday the residents should harvest all the water as we are not going to have such amount of rains after that one,” Mbithi said.

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