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Israel releases map ‘advising Gazans of safe evacuation zones’ as it resumes strikes | World News


The Israeli military has published a map that it says advises Gazans of safe evacuation zones – as its fighter jets resumed striking targets in the densely populated strip of land.

“This divides the territory of the Gaza Strip into areas according to recognisable areas to enable the residents of Gaza to orient themselves and understand the instructions, and to evacuate from specific places for their safety if required,” the army said in a statement.

The statement linked to an Israeli army website in Arabic showing an evacuation zone map. It said an Arabic-language video had been released on social networks and the map was being distributed by the army in Gaza.

The leaflets have a QR code on them that will take people to the map released by the IDF.

Follow latest: Leaflets dropped in Gaza tell residents to evacuate city ‘immediately’

A map of Gaza split into numbered areas released by the Israeli military. Pic: IDF
A map of Gaza split into numbered areas released by the Israeli military. Pic: IDF

It comes as Israel’s military resumed combat operations in Gaza after accusing Hamas of violating the seven-day truce.

It claimed the Palestinian militant group fired rockets at Israel and reneged on a deal to free all women held as hostages.

Airstrikes hit southern Gaza, including the community of Abassan, east of the town of Khan Younis, the interior ministry in the Hamas-run territory said.

Images on social media also showed large plumes of dark smoke rising over the densely built-up Jabalia refugee camp.

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Explosions in Gaza as truce ends

The collapse of the week-long truce comes after US Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Israel’s campaign in southern Gaza must not repeat the massive loss of civilian life and displacement seen during its offensive in the north.

Mr Blinken said he had laid out clear steps for Israel to minimise civilian casualties but did not say whether he was assured the steps would be taken.

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