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‘Iron Lung’ Trailer — Markiplier’s Claustrophic Descent Into Nerve-Racking Horror

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The Big Picture

  • Iron Lung is a dystopian sci-fi horror film based on the indie video game of the same name, and the new trailer sets a bleak and claustrophobic tone.
  • The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where humanity is clinging to life on space stations and starships, and the ruling government sends a convict in a sealed submarine to explore a distant moon with oceans of blood.
  • Mark Fischbach, known as YouTuber Markiplier, stars in the film alongside other YouTube personalities, and despite being his feature directorial debut, Fischbach has previous experience creating longer-form content and is involved in various other projects.

It’s time to take another dive into the blood ocean of Iron Lung. The film’s writer, director, financier, and star Mark Fischbach, better known as the popular YouTuber Markiplier, released a new trailer that showcases the claustrophobic terror that awaits in the depths of his video game adaptation. The film is a dystopian sci-fi horror based on the indie title of the same name by David Szymanski which is all about exploring the crimson sea of a foreign moon in a tiny, cramped, and completely sealed submarine.

Where the first teaser merely hinted at the horrors to come as the titular submersible descended into the bloody depths, the abstract new trailer is all about setting the scene for the bleak tale of exploration. Fischbach rises from a pool of blood and gazes at the hellscape around him while a narrator reads a log from a previous explorer that emphasizes the lack of hope in this post-apocalyptic future. Iron Lung takes place in the aftermath of a catastrophic event known as the “Quiet Rapture” which has eliminated all known habitable planets in the universe, leaving humanity to cling to life on space stations and starships. With resources dwindling, the ruling government known as the Consolidation of Iron sets its sights on a distant moon with oceans of blood which may be the only hope left for keeping humanity alive. A convict (Fischbach) is chosen to head down in the submarine to confirm their theories in exchange for freedom. With the doors of the sub welded shut, it’s essentially an execution that only serves to further the COI’s goals, but in this ruined world, it may be better to die at sea.

Fischbach will star alongside fellow YouTube giant Seán McLoughlin, better known as Jacksepticeye who viewers may recognize from his appearance in the 2021 hit Free Guy. The Plot Against America veteran Caroline Rose Kaplan and Alita: Battle Angel alum Elle LaMont round out the cast, though Szymanski is also expected to make a cameo appearance. Alongside Fischbach, Jeff Guerrero, Will Hyde, and Amy Nelson will serve as producers after previously joining him on his Children and Family Emmy Award-nominated interactive special In Space With Markiplier. Andrew Hulshult composed the soundtrack.

YouTuber-Created Horror Continues Jumping to the Big Screen

A still from the horror movie Iron Lung
Image via Markiplier

Despite being Fischbach’s feature directorial debut, Iron Lung is hardly his first time behind the camera. The YouTube star with over 35 million subscribers has experimented in the past with longer-form content on the platform with interactive series like Who Killed Markiplier?, A Heist With Markiplier, and the aforementioned In Space With Markiplier, all of which he created, directed, and starred in. He’s also set to reprise his role from The Edge of Sleep podcast in a television adaptation which he’s also executive producing. On top of that, he co-hosts the popular bi-weekly podcast Distractible with fellow YouTube personalities Bob Muyskens and Wade Barnes as well as the weekly sports podcast Go! My Favorite Sports Team with Tyler Scheid.

Fischbach is far from the only YouTuber doing interesting things when it comes to horror films, however. Earlier this year, viewers were treated to a viral and intriguing scare with Skinamarink directed by Kyle Edward Ball whose roots lie in the platform. Danny and Michael Philippou, the duo behind the popular RackaRacka channel, also have a horror hit of their own with the A24 film Talk to Me. The future looks bright too with Kane ParsonsThe Backrooms up next to be adapted through A24 and Atomic Monster.

There’s currently no release date for Iron Lung. Check out the trailer below.

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