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In 2023, third fewer children were born than in 2021 – Opendatabot


In 2023, a third fewer children were born in Ukraine than in 2021, the last year before the full-scale Russian invasion.

Source: These statistics were published by the government data analysis service Opendatabot.

Details: According to the Ministry of Justice, more than 187,000 children were born in 2023. This is 32% less than in 2021, when 273,700 babies were born.

Overall, the birth rate in Ukraine has been declining since 2013. In the period from 2010 to 2013, the number of newborns was about half a million annually.


Birth statistics in Ukraine from 2010 to 2023

Photo: Opendatabot

Since then, and until the outbreak of full-scale war, 6-7% fewer children were born every year. In 2022, the number of newborns plummeted by 25% to 206,000.

The largest decline in the birth rate in 2023, excluding the temporarily occupied territories and the areas of hostilities, was recorded in Kyiv – 19,900 babies were born there, which is 33% less than in 2021. However, the capital still retains its leadership in the number of newborns.

The second place was taken by Lviv Oblast (16,600 babies), and the third by Dnipro Oblast (14,400).

Compared to 2022, the birth rate increased last year in the frontline regions of Mykolaiv Oblast (+5%) and Kharkiv Oblast (+3%). At the same time, Poltava Oblast showed the largest decline among the oblasts (-18%).

Reminder: Demography expert Ella Libanova said that for the reproduction of generations in Ukraine, every woman should give birth to at least two children after the war.

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