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I make more than $14,000 a WEEK doing a job no one wants… it’s 8x more than a graduate job but you need to love the road


A SAVVY worker has managed to find a job which pays him more than $14,000 a week – eight times that which he’d earn in a graduate job.

TikToker Uros Ljeskovic revealed the extent of his earnings in a video, inspiring many of his viewers to consider jumping on the bandwagon.

Uros revealed he makes more than $14,000 a week as a truck driver


Uros revealed he makes more than $14,000 a week as a truck driverCredit: TikTok
The TikToker said it would take him two months to earn $14,000 in a graduate job


The TikToker said it would take him two months to earn $14,000 in a graduate jobCredit: TikTok

Uros, who is from Montenegro, claimed in a video he had been paid $3, $4, and up to $10 per mile he covered driving a truck.

He shared a screenshot of payslip he received which showed he earned a total of $14,000 in a single week.

The truck driver said: “As you can see right there, I made almost $15,000 in one week of driving a truck. That’s 15 grand.

“Now, I have Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. This is about what I would make in two months working a job in those degrees.

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“What do you think? Crazy, right?”

Uros, who calls himself “the fittest trucker”, specified in the comment section beneath his video that he is not a company driver but rather owns his own company with eight trucks and drives for himself.

He also added that he works “every single hour allowed by the regulations” to earn the money he does, stating: “It’s a lot of work, for sure.”

A sceptical viewer claimed Uros must have “posted his best week”, to which Uros said: “Nah. Go on my YouTube. Made over 18k a couple of months back.”

The TikToker said he made $445,000 “or so” the previous year, as he did take some time off but was usually on the road for four to five weeks at a time.

Another truck driver, a Kiwi living and working in a remote part of Australia, said there were drawbacks to the job – but they were offset by the hefty paycheck attached to it.

Pete Kerekere, who goes by The Brossy on social media, revealed what it was like to drive trucks in the Pilbara.

He claimed to be earning far better money in Western Australia than he would in New Zealand – around £80,000 a year to fly in and out.

And all of his expenses, including accommodation, food, and flights home to Aotearoa, were covered.

But the Ngāti Porou man had to work a nine-week roster away from home, followed by two weeks back home, to earn the cash.

He is one of many who have recently taken up to truck driving as a career.

One woman named Nicolle, who goes by the name Trucker Baddie online, served in the army for seven years before making the switch.

She started a haulage company called TruckClass Haulage with her trucker boyfriend Ben using money she earned selling racy photos.

The couple now takes turns bringing their new trucks out on jobs.

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