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‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ Gets Stunning New Blu-Ray Steelbook


The Big Picture

  • Since its release, I Know What You Did Last Summer has developed a cult following due to its unique killer, fun kills, and suspenseful direction.
  • The Walmart exclusive Blu-ray steelbook for I Know What You Did Last Summer is a collector’s must-have, featuring a beautiful slipcover and a poster-like cover design.
  • Walmart has become a go-to place for physical media, releasing exclusive editions of popular films, including horror classics like Halloween and Saw.

Over the last number of years, it has felt like horror fans have experienced a modern slasher boom. With Halloween, Scream, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre being revived alongside new genre gems like Sick and Thanksgiving, there’s no better time to be watching horror than right now. However, one of the classic slasher franchises yet to be revived for the big screen has been I Know What You Did Last Summer from Scream writer Kevin Williamson. However, while we wait for more terrifying fireworks to fly in our near future, Walmart has us covered with a new I Know What You Did Last Summer steelbook.

The exclusive Blu-ray steelbook has an eye-pleasing cover that features the iconic Scream-like poster layout of the four main actors lined up for the killer’s ‘slaughterhouse”. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Freddie Prinze Jr. are surrounded by fireworks with The Fisherman Killer beneath them. There’s a nice blue tint to the steelbook like the film’s original poster, and the slipcover reveals the cast’s full body portraits. The rain-soaked Fisherman Killer is also located on the back and inside the steelbook alongside one of his more famous kills.

While I Know What You Did Last Summer came to 4K last year for its 25th anniversary with the sequel following suit earlier this year, this steelbook should be on any collector’s radar for the sheer fact that the release has a beautiful slipcover. That has become a more common occurrence as studios like Lionsgate and Paramount have been making it the norm. Also, although stores like Best Buy are stopping physical media sales sometime in 2024, Walmart has taken the opportunity to release a several exclusive editions of our favorite films. In horror alone, the last couple of months, Terrifier 2, Saw, Rob Zombie’s Halloween films and Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey have all received their own stunning steelbooks from Walmart. The retail store even started selling Best Buy’s overstock, setting itself up as the go-to place for physical media.

‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ Gets Better With Age

Freddie Prinze jr and Jennifer Love Hewitt in I know what you did last summer
Image via Columbia Pictures

While it’s easy to write off I Know What You Did Last Summer as a Scream clone like many horror films from its era, the film’s cult following grows every year. Not only does it have the benefit of being a 4th of July holiday slasher, but the unique killer paired with some fun kills and genuine suspenseful direction make this a very enjoyable murder mystery. It has all the horror tropes and executes them so well, and it also has the signature Williamson charm that put him on the genre map with Scream. Williamson actually penned I know What You Did Last Summer first, adapting the screenplay from Lois Duncan‘s 1973 novel, before tackling the Wes Craven classic. However, it was made after Scream thanks to Williamson proving himself in the horror genre. It may not be to the masterful level of Scream or other underrated slashers of its time, like Urban Legend and Valentine, but it’s definitely worth the watch if you’re in the mood for a fun slasher.

I Know What You Did Last Summer can currently be rented on all major VOD services, like Prime Video. However, the Walmart exclusive Blu-ray steelbook will be released on February 26, 2024. The Fisherman Killer is starting the summer party earlier, and you can too by pre-ordering the steelbook on their website for $25 USD. You can also preview the steelbook below.

I Know What You Did Last Summer 1997 Poster

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Release Date
October 17, 1997

Jim Gillespie

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, Freddie Prinze Jr., Bridgette Wilson, Anne Heche


101 minutes

Main Genre

Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Columbia Pictures

Lois Duncan, Kevin Williamson

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