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‘I Know I’m the Best Welterweight on Earth’


Despite a lackluster performance in his welterweight title loss to
Edwards this past December, Colby
Covington claims to be the division’s top dog.

While many considered Covington undeserving of the third title shot
of his career, Dana White insisted “Chaos” fight Edwards at

UFC 296. Edwards thoroughly dominated Covington in a
forgettable affair in which the American claimed to have broken his
foot in the first 30 seconds. Covington also inexplicably believed
he did enough to win and blamed political bias for the

A couple months removed from that defeat, Covington insists that he
is the best welterweight on the planet and wants to prove it more
than anything else. Covington even sees himself earning yet another
title shot with another victory and is willing to take on whoever
the promotion offers.

“I am the title of this division, I’m the welterweight savior,”
Covington told “Submission Radio”. “I’m the biggest draw in this
division, there is a reason everyone calls my name. Fights are easy
to get and dunk on these nerds. I’m King of Miami, I’m America’s
champ, the people’s champ, Donald Trump’s favorite fighter. I’m in
a title fight every time I fight, everybody knows that. To get back
to that undisputed title, whoever is the biggest and best name that
the UFC tells me I have to go through to get there, that is what
I’m willing to do. I want that title more than I want to breathe,
more than I want to live. I’m in my prime, I’m 35 years young, I
haven’t taken any damage in my career, especially in that last
fight, Leon didn’t leave a scratch on my face.

“There were a couple of tiny little bruises on my leg, big f—-ig
deal, I landed double strikes as him. I know I’m the welterweight
champion. I know I’m the best welterweight on Earth. Just because
three judges didn’t decide it for me that night, that is not going
to affect my future and how I train and my preparation every day. I
work hard, blue-collar American, I’m a 24/7, 365 fighter. I’m not a
part-time fighter,” Covington added.

“As long as I’m in this thing, and I’m fully invested in my career,
I’m going to keep getting better, I’m gonna keep working hard. I’m
not halfway in, halfway out, I’m fully in on this, and I want that
welterweight title more than I want to live. Whatever it takes to
get back there, I’m willing to do. The UFC knows that, so whoever
they put in front of me, I promise you the chip on the shoulder of
Colby is coming back and he’s going to finish this and re-write all
the wrongs of the past.”

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