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Hungary PM Orbán lifts veto on Ukrainian aid package


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán revealed that he lifted his veto on an aid package for Ukraine because he felt cornered, he claimed in an interview on Hungarian public-broadcasting Kossuth radio on Feb. 2.

“I was at a dead end,” said Orbán.

“If this agreement had not been reached and Hungary continued to use its veto power, then the 26 member states would have decided to send money to Ukraine. They would also take the funds intended for Hungary and send them to Ukraine as well – why would that be good?”

Peace talks should begin between Ukraine and Russia, Orbán said.

“Time is on the side of the Russians, and the longer the war goes on, the more people die,” he said.

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At a summit on Dec. 14, during which 26 EU member states approved starting Ukraine’s EU accession negotiations, Orbán vetoed the proposed EUR 50 billion aid package for Ukraine.

Politico reported on Jan. 26 that Hungary might lift its veto if the funding program is reviewed annually.

All 27 European Union member states agreed to a four-year EUR 50 billion ($54 billion) aid package for Ukraine, previously stalled by Hungary, European Council President Charles Michel announced on Feb. 1.

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