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How ‘No One Will Save You’ Benefits From Its Hulu Release

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The Big Picture

  • No One Will Save You is an ambitious sci-fi thriller that combines intimacy and suspense in Brynn’s solitary life interrupted by an otherworldly being.
  • Director Brian Duffield praises 20th Century Studios and Hulu for taking risks with more limited budgets, allowing them to create unique and interesting films like No One Will Save You and Prey.
  • The movie’s unconventional concept and unique storytelling were encouraged and appreciated by the producers, who were excited to offer something different from typical theatrical releases.

Editor’s Note: This article contains spoilers for No One Will Save You. No One Will Save You, the new sci-fi invasion thriller from Hulu and 20th Century Studios, is an ambitious affair as much as it is an intimate nail-biter of a movie. It sees Brynn, portrayed by Kaitlyn Dever, lead a solitary existence, disconnected from her community. Her days are spent in solitude, where she occupies herself with tinkering, culinary pursuits, and dancing. However, the tranquility of her seemingly perfect life is disrupted when her home is intruded upon by an otherworldly being. As she strives to flee from this enigmatic creature, Brynn is compelled to confront her past and the underlying motivations behind her solitary existence.

At a special Collider screening of the movie, director Brian Duffield shared the stage with Collider’s Editor-in-Chief Steve Weintraub to discuss the movie in depth. Weintraub asked the director to expand on the freedom that comes when a director is working on a more limited budget than a big theatrical release might offer, noting that the film is able to pull off a lot of things that other movies may not have been able to get away with.

Yeah, it was exactly that. I think the thing that’s really cool about the 20th/Hulu of it all is that they’re able to take those risks where they’re not making movies that have to open to Avengers money,” he said.

Studying Your ‘Prey’

Image via 20th Century Studios

The director expanded, noting that 20th Century Studios and Hulu had a history of making ambitious films on a limited scope, such as last year’s Prey, a Predator prequel/spin-off that was both immensely successful and also critically acclaimed, as compared to the bigger budget and more bombastic films in the Predator series. Duffield said:

“They can make movies that are a little bit more of an aggressive swing. Even like Prey. Prey is definitely a popcorn movie, but the concept of Prey…I think it needed to be this moment in time where this platform needed content that was gonna be like, ‘Well, that at the very least sounds very unique and interesting.’ And that was always something that was encouraged by [Steve] Asbell and JR at 20th, where they really got the movie. They were the same guys that did Prey. I think they were just excited that they’re like, ‘Oh, we haven’t seen anything like this, and that’s cool,’ as opposed to what would be a nightmare for a lot of other studios, especially in the theatrical space.”

No One Will Save You is currently streaming on Hulu.

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