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How ‘Family Switch’ Stands Out From Other Body-Swap Stories

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The Big Picture

  • Family Switch is a comedy movie where the entire family swaps bodies, including the baby and dog, leading to hilarious chaos.
  • Unlike other body-switching films, this movie features a father-son and mother-daughter swap, adding a unique twist to the story.
  • With important appointments and opportunities lined up, the Walker family must find a way to reverse the switch before their lives spiral into disaster.

There have been plenty of body-switching stories released on the big screen over the years, but none of them have gone as far as Family Switch will try to when it premieres on Netflix later this year. The upcoming comedy will teach its main characters a lesson by literally having them walk a mile in each other’s shoes, but the switch couldn’t take place in a more unfortunate occasion. During a recent interview with Collider’s Steven Weintraub for the upcoming Netflix film Pain Hustlers, producer Lawrence Gray talked about how the film will stand out from the rest of the stories based on a similar premise:

It’s never been done where the father and son body switch and the mother and daughter, and Jen said, “Only if the baby and dog body switch too.” And that was the key to just really actually revolutionizing it because one of the funniest parts of this entire movie is that the baby and dog have body switched, and the family has to go and try to figure this problem out, and so they have to find someone to take care of them.

The movie is set to show the lives of Bill (Ed Helms) and Jess Walker (Jennifer Garner), as they worry that they’re family might be growing apart as their children grow up. Since every member of the family seems to be doing well in their respective fields, the emotional distance between its members can already be perceived by the parents who have raised them since they were born. And after visiting an astrological reader, the family’s fate is changed forever when all of its members swap bodies with one another.

Unlike Freaky Friday, which only featured a mother and a daughter as part of the transition, Family Switch will see all the members of the family waking up in a body that’s not their own. And to make matters worse, the comedy starring Emma Myers and Brady Noon as the young adults, will see its switch taking place on a crucial day for everyone. A college interview, a promotion opportunity, a soccer tryout and a possible record deal are all scheduled to take place at the same time for the Walkers, and it remains to be seen if they will be able to attend all of their appointments without going through a disaster.

The Arrival of a Legend

Image via Netflix

While the family tries to figure out how to revert the switch that will put all of their trajectories in danger, an industry legend will appear in their story in an undisclosed role. Rita Moreno is set to star in the McG comedy, but the reason for her character to run into the Walker family hasn’t been revealed yet. The chaos experienced by the main characters will off the charts, with everyone scared by what they’re experiencing, but finding themselves in the need to help each other out.

Family Switch premieres on Netflix on November 30.

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