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‘House of Dolls’ Trailer Reveals Horror Icon Dee Wallace’s Latest Slasher

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The Big Picture

  • The House of Dolls trailer unveils a suspenseful and mysterious horror flick centered around three sisters seeking their inheritance in a creepy pink doll house.
  • The sisters discover unsettling secrets about their deceased father as they navigate the eerie home while being pursued by a terrifying killer.
  • Horror fans can look forward to the film’s limited release in Dallas theaters on September 30, with North American cable VOD and digital HD premiere on October 3.

How far would you go for $300,000? In Juan Salas’ latest slasher flick, House of Dolls, a set of sisters are pushed to the brink of sanity and the boundaries of safety to find out the answer for themselves. Collider can now exclusively reveal a first look at the feature — the trailer unlocks the horror inside an old house shrouded in mystery. Featuring iconic horror and sci-fi star Dee Wallace (Cujo, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, The Hills Have Eyes), the title’s ensemble includes Alicia Underwood (Ghost Party), Meeko Gattuso (Euphoria, The Monster), Naomi Lopez (The Secret Life of Us), Trey Peyton (Just Lie Here), and Taylor Cox.

Tension and family trauma are abundant in the opening seconds of the House of Dolls trailer as a trio of estranged sisters hesitantly make their way to a strange location to lay claim to their portion of a hefty inheritance left to them by their deceased father. The home resembles a giant pink doll house, including the rooms and decorations inside, adding an eerie touch to an already bizarre situation. Realizing they may not have known as much about their dad as they were led to believe, the sisters start to speculate on how and when he had the time to build the property without their knowledge. It’s around this point that viewers are introduced to the slasher hiding within the walls of the pink home — a killer who closely resembles Hellraiser‘s Pinhead. With clue after clue, the sisters attempt to track down their inheritance, unknowingly being stalked by the knife-wielding madman. Lost inside the maze of grandiose rooms, the girls hunt down the financial prize only to uncover dark secrets wrapped into their family’s past.

While most theaters across the U.S. won’t be screening House of Dolls, the slasher will be slicing and dicing its way into cinemas in Dallas, Texas on September 30. For eager audiences hoping to turn their own home into a horror fest, the feature will make its North American cable VOD and digital HD debut on October 3 — just in time to kick off the spooky season.

The Legendary Dee Wallace

Image via VMI Worldwide

While many sci-fi and Steven Spielberg fans will remember Wallace for her role as Mary Taylor in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, horror fans know that the actress can keep up with the best scream queens in the biz. Throughout her decades-spanning career, the star has been attached to a slew of celebrated spooky productions including Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes, Joe Dante’s The Howling, Lewis Teague’s Cujo, Stephen Herek’s Critters, and Rob Zombie’s Halloween, The Lords of Salem, 3 From Hell, and The Munsters.

Check out the exclusive trailer and poster for House of Dolls below.

Image via VMI Worldwide

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