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Horror moment fans are gored and tossed around by a raging bull in bloodbath that left two dead and eight injured


THIS is the horror moment bullfighting fans are gored and tossed around the ring in a festival bloodbath.

At least two people have died while eight were badly injured in the horrific bullfighting event that took place in Arjona, Columbia.

The raging beast attacked the fans inside the bullfighting arena


The raging beast attacked the fans inside the bullfighting arenaCredit: CEN
Moment the bull gored one of the spectators


Moment the bull gored one of the spectatorsCredit: CEN

Thousands of fans can be seen taking part in the festival known as Corralejas where fans are encouraged to enter the ring and fight the bulls.

Horrific footage shows hundreds of would-be matadors getting inside the arena to test their bravery as people in the audience torment the bull by throwing anything that comes to hand at it.

Maddened by the taunting, the bull is seen charging at one man and catches him on his horns, spinning him through the air like a rag doll.

Then the bull flips him backwards over his back and he crashes to the ground as the bull roars off to another target.

Many people in the stands can be heard shouting: “He killed him, he killed him!”

In another clip, a man is seen desperately trying to outrun the bull but he is caught by a full-blooded charge, which knocked him to the ground heavily.

Two people at the festival died and eight more were injured, including a 17-year-old boy who was rushed to hospital in serious condition.

Six of the injured have been named as Diego Castilla, Juan Pinto, Diego Penaranda, Jorge Revolledo, Luis Morelo, and Saul Gamarra Ospino.

Many social media reports condemned the event as “barbaric”.

It comes after the so-called “Messi of Matadors” was brutally gored by a rampaging 1,000lb bull.

Matador boyfriend of the King of Spain’s niece is gored in the GROIN during bullfight

Shocking footage shows the beast charge at Andrés Roca Rey, 26, before crushing him against the barriers and throwing him in the air.

Renowned Peruvian bullfighter Roca Rey was rushed to hospital with multiple injuries following the terrifying incident at Spain’s Santiago de Santander Fair.

He was left with injuries to his neck, face, right thigh and left knee – the worst of his eight-year career.

Meanwhile, a raging bull bounced a teen on his horns and tossed him like a rag doll during a terrifying Spanish bull run attack.

The 19-year-old was gored by the massive beast in Castalla, Alicante, as he tried to outrun the furious animal.

Gruesome footage from the event shows a group of men sprinting down a narrow street as a raging bull charges towards them.

Then one teen in a black T-shirt can be seen slipping on the road while attempting to flee the bull, but shockingly does’t manage to get back onto his feet in time.

The moment he tries to get up, he is caught instantly on the bull’s razor-sharp horns and thrown around the dark street.

The huge animal repeatedly crushes the teen – not named in local media – against the terraced street walls before lifting him up with its horns again.

The teen is flipped up into the air as the bull bounces him on his horns several times before sending him hurtling towards the ground.

Screaming onlookers try to distract the raging bull as it drags the man across the floor, shoving him into the wall with its head.

He is then tossed to the other side of the road again before managing to escape when he is hurled towards a door where he staggers behind a security grille.

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