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‘Hero floating wood panel’: Titanic’s door frame prop that helped Rose stay afloat sells for $718,750


NEW DELHI: The door frame that is shown at the conclusion of the film Titanic, on which Rose is seen floating on while Jack clings to the edge, their hands intertwined, was sold for $718,750 at an auction held by Heritage Auctions .
According to NYT, the auction, which drew over 5,500 bidders worldwide, exceeded expectations and set a new record for the auction house.A total of 1,600 items, including iconic props like the whip from “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” and the ax from “The Shining,” garnered a combined $15.7 million. The live auction, spanning five days, took place at Heritage’s headquarters in Dallas and was also broadcasted on their website.
The highly sought-after “hero floating wood panel” from “Titanic” was crafted to replicate a salvaged piece from the actual shipwreck of 1912, featuring intricate floral designs typical of the rococo style during King Louis XV’s reign in France. Measuring approximately 8 feet in length and nearly 3 1/2 feet in width, the prop was reinforced with hardwood and played a pivotal role in the film’s iconic scene.
During the auction, the bidding for the prop started at $90,000 and quickly escalated to a final sale price of $718,750, with the winning bidder choosing to remain anonymous. The prop had been in storage for nearly two decades before being put up for auction, having previously been displayed at a Planet Hollywood in Orlando, Florida.
Other “Titanic” items, such as the ship’s helm and costumes worn by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, were also auctioned off.
Planet Hollywood, which initially opened in New York City in 1991 with the support of Hollywood celebrities like Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger, later expanded to over 100 locations worldwide. Despite facing bankruptcy twice, the brand left a mark on the entertainment industry, offering fans a glimpse into the world of their favorite stars beyond the silver screen.
In a statement prior to the auction, the chair and co-founder of Planet Hollywood Robert Earl highlighted Planet Hollywood’s mission of bringing the red carpet experience to fans around the world, providing a unique connection to the lives of movie stars. “Unless you were in LA or possibly New York, you never touched anything except seeing your idols on screen. You didn’t have any involvement in any extensions of the movie or their lives, and we afforded that,”

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