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‘Hell House LLC Origins The Carmichael Manor’ Trailer Unleashes Horrors

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The Big Picture

  • Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor explores the origin of supernatural forces behind the grisly murders of the Carmichael family in 1989.
  • Internet sleuths investigate the remote estate where the murders took place, uncovering long-buried secrets and encountering unimaginable horror.
  • Director Stephen Cognetti describes the film as a stand-alone origin story that explores the mythology of the Hell House LLC universe, introducing new characters and mysteries.

All evil has an origin and the Hell House LLC franchise is about to explore what lurks beneath its surface. Shudder unveiled a new trailer for Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor, the first chapter in a line of new films that will explore the origins of supernatural forces that have existed long before Hell House. This entry will see a group of internet sleuths head to the titular manor to investigate the yet unexplained grisly murders of the Carmichael family back in 1989. Their search will drudge up long-buried secrets and bring them face-to-face with an unimaginable horror.

The trailer sets the scene with a news report of the Carmichael family murders which left two of the family members dead while the other two went completely missing with no discernible explanation. Internet duo Margot Bentley (Bridget Rose Perrotta) and Rebecca Vickers (Destiny Leilani Brown) and their team are drawn to the remote estate in the woods of Rockland County, New York to investigate and hopefully catch something paranormal on camera for their followers. As their stay stretches on, things start to feel amiss, and connections with the Abaddon Hotel, the location of the first Hell House LLC, begin to pop up. Chase (James Liddell), who’s there to help film, realizes something is messing with them after talking to a girl that seemingly wasn’t there at all. From that point, all hell breaks loose as they’re haunted by a shadowy figure and what appear to be the missing Carmichaels in their old clown costumes.

The Carmichael Manor is once again directed by Stephen Cognetti who’s been at the helm since the found footage success of the first film. Joining him is producer Joe Bandelli, with Joe Dain and Jim Klock executive producing for Terror Films Releasing. Cognetti billed this fourth entry as neither a sequel nor necessarily a prequel to the Hell House LLC films, but rather a way to explore similar supernatural evils while still remaining in the world of his original trilogy:

“Although this is the fourth film in the Hell House LLC series, I want fans to know that this is not a ‘part 4’ or a prequel. In making the Carmichael Manor, I wanted to create an original story within the Hell House LLC universe yet set it in the present day instead of making a precursor to the original trilogy. As a filmmaker, the Carmichael Manor allowed me to explore some of the themes and origins from the hotel’s mythology, while introducing new characters and mysteries surrounding the events that took place in 1989 in a stand-alone origin story, one of several I hope to create.”

When Will Viewers Get to Enter ‘The Carmichael Manor’?

Image via Shudder

In addition to the trailer and a gnarly new poster, Shudder revealed that Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor arrives exclusively on the horror streamer on October 30 during the streamer’s “Devil’s Night” premiere. For early viewings, however, the film is also bound for the 14th annual Telluride Horror Show from October 13 through 15 and will stream at the IFC Center theater in New York as part of the Shudder Showcase on October 24. Cognetti will be on hand for both screenings for a Q&A afterward. Tickets for both Telluride and the IFC Center are available now.

Check out the trailer below.

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