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German police detain suspect in murder of Ukrainian basketball player


German police had already detained the person suspected of murdering 17-year-old basketball player Volodymyr Yermakov in Dusseldorf, Germany, Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Oleh Nikolenko said on Feb. 12.

The investigation is ongoing.

Yermakov and his teammate, Artem Kozachenko, were reportedly attacked with knives in the street on Feb. 10. Yermakov died in the hospital due to his injuries, while Kozanchenko remains in intensive care.

According to the Kyiv Basketball Federation (FBK), the young men’s attackers may have been motivated by hatred against Ukraine.

Ukrainian consular representatives in Dusseldorf held talks with local police and stressed the need to carry out the investigation as soon as possible to bring the perpetrator to justice, Nikolenko said.

The official did not provide further details about the suspect’s identity or motive.

The Ukrainian consulate is monitoring Kozanchenko’s treatment. According to Nikolenko, his condition is stable, and his life is not under threat.

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