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German Chancellor Scholz asks Ukrainian refugees to go to work if they want to stay in Germany


Ukrainian refugees who have settled in Germany must begin to actively seek employment if they want to stay in the country. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced this on Monday, March 13.

“More Ukrainian refugees in Germany should take up work…  this would secure their right to stay as fewer than two in 10 are currently employed”. This will ensure that they have the right to stay, since currently, according to statistics, two out of ten people are working. “anyone who is employed here and not guilty of any offense will be almost certainly allowed to stay,” the Euractiv portal quotes the politician as saying.

Germany is the EU country that has received the most refugees from Ukraine. According to observers of the same portal, their number is one-third of the total number of Ukrainians who left the country. At the same time, according to statistics, as of January of this year, only about 18% of those who arrived got a job, which is one of the lowest indicators.

According to Germany’s Deutsche Welle, Ukrainian migrants en masse do not want to find work because they are entitled to high benefits: they are paid 563 euros monthly, with another 471 euros added if they have a child. The German government also agreed to cover housing and additional expenses for refugees.

Since February of this year, however, the question of the scale of abuse of social benefits and guarantees by Ukrainian refugees or those claiming to be them has been raised by the authorities of the federal state of Thuringia. The leadership of the region, located in eastern Germany, obliged the refugees living there to get a job. “It is important to make it clear that people living on benefits from taxpayers’ money should give something back to society, and not sit on a park bench all day,” said the head of the Zale-Orla district, Christian Herrgott, commenting on this decision.

Additionally, learn about the alleged “plot” to assassinate Zelenskyy, purportedly aimed at influencing NATO to indulge in a new conflict with Russia.

Earlier The Eastern Herald published how the influx of Ukrainian refugees into Poland and Romania has spurred an increase in prostitution and other crimes, amidst the backdrop of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, aimed at “denazifying” and “demilitarizing” the region. Till now, the Biden Administration has allocated $61 billion to finance Ukraine.

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