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George A. Romero’s Final ‘Living Dead’ Film Finds Its Director

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The Big Picture

  • Director Brad Anderson is set to direct George Romero’s final Living Dead film, Twilight of the Dead, which pays tribute to Romero’s impactful legacy in the horror genre.
  • Twilight of the Dead will be a zombie movie that not only features the usual gore and violence but also explores social transformation and the question of what it means to be human.
  • While there is no release date yet, production for Twilight of the Dead is expected to begin later this year, marking the conclusion of Romero’s iconic Living Dead series.

Zombies are commonplace nowadays with shows like The Walking Dead and films like Train to Bursan. However, back in the late 1960s director George A. Romero redefined the fleshy sub-genre with Night of the Living Dead. Now 55 years later, reported exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter, Romero’s final Living Dead film, Twilight of the Dead, has found its director in Brad Anderson (Session 9, The Machinist, Blood).

In a statement Anderson expressed his excitement saying, “George Romero’s 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead may have been the first real horror movie I ever saw and its shock value, its keen social relevance, and even the means by which it was made were all hugely inspirational to me.” The director would finish by teasing what to expect from Twilight, “This too is a zombie movie in which limbs fly and heads roll, but one that is also about social transformation, one that asks the question: What is it to be human? It is also a horror movie with “heart” and, dare I say, hope.” The film’s treatment was written by Romero and Paola Zelati with the screenplay done by Zelati, Joe Knetter, and Robert Lucas.

The Undead Legacy of ‘Living Dead’

Ever since Romero’s death in 2017, it felt like the zombie sub-genre went with him. Night of the Living Dead was the haunting template for practical guts and gore. The sequels to follow, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead, are two of the most grotesque films of all-time. That was thanks to the practical efforts of legendary makeup artist Tom Savini who put on a dreadful clinic for blood-soaked dismemberment and carnage. To this day that makes horror fans very happy, but it has been the unintentional social commentary which is still very relevant that has left a lasting bite mark on pop culture. Since that initial trilogy ended in the mid 80s, other popular zombie films have risen from the dead like Return of the Living Dead and Zombieland and Romero himself would return to the franchise with a new trilogy of Living Dead films in the 2000s, but his original trilogy is like no other. That’s why it’s so exciting that his unmade Living Dead film is finally getting resurrected. Like the new Scream films did for Wes Craven, It’s the perfect way to honor Romero’s meaty legacy.

A field of zombies in 'Night Of The Living Dead'
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When Does ‘Twilight of the Dead’ Release?

There’s no current release date or window for Twilight of the Dead yet. This makes sense as cameras haven’t even started rolling on the horror project yet. Production is expected to start on the seventh and final film later this year.

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