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French film director Jacques Doillon calls storm of #MeToo allegations ‘lies’


French film director Jacques Doillon, swept up in a storm of #MeToo allegations by several actors including Judith Godreche, denounced on Friday the “lies” and “false accusations” against him. 

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In a statement sent to AFP, he said he was at the disposal of the courts.

“That Judith Godreche and other women through her have the heart to denounce a system, an era, a society, is courageous, commendable and necessary,” said the director.

“But the justness of the cause does not authorise arbitrary denunciations, false accusations and lies.”

Godreche, 51, claimed Doillon, 79, took advantage of her while directing her in one of his films when she was 15. He was 29 years older at the time.

Doillon and the director Benoit Jacquot were targeted this week by a complaint from Godreche, which prompted French prosecutors to open an investigation. 

“I am watching with attention this upheaval, not to say this revolution, initiated and carried by women, whose voices have been freeing up for several years now,” Doillon said. 

“However, I have never committed the acts of which I have been accused, and I will provide the courts, since the case is now before them, with all the factual elements at my disposal to demonstrate my innocence,” he added.

He also denied being close to Jacquot, who is facing accusations of abuse and violence by Godreche. 

Jacquot, who is 25 years older than the actor, directed her on screen and had a six-year relationship with her that started when she was only 14.


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