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France prepares plan to help affected cultural monuments in Odesa


Following a trip to Odesa, Pierre Heilbronn, France’s Special Envoy for Aid and Reconstruction of Ukraine, stated that Paris would assist in the restoration of museums and cultural monuments in Odesa that had been damaged by the war.

Source: European Pravda; Pierre Heilbronn on Twitter (X)

Details: Heilbronn stated that approximately a hundred cultural heritage objects were damaged in Odesa, and recalled that Odesa is a twin city of French Marseille.

Quote: “Cultural institutions of [Odesa] have survived. However, they need support from international partners. Needs of conservation professionals to restore what was damaged, more cooperation to boost attractivity.

France is now designing a set of solutions to meet those urgent needs!” Heilbronn said.


  • In the autumn, a project was launched in Italy under the auspices of the ministries of foreign affairs and culture to help restore the affected cultural monuments in Ukraine. Odesa is listed as one of its priorities.

  • In early October, Italy signed an agreement with Ukraine on the restoration of the Transfiguration Cathedral in Odesa, which was damaged by a Russian missile attack. The best Italian architects will be engaged in the restoration of the cathedral.

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