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Former JP Morgan analyst awarded $35 million for brain damage from shattered glass door


NEW DELHI: Meghan Brown, a 36-year-old former JP Morgan analyst, has been awarded $35 million nearly a decade after a tragic accident at a New York City office building left her with severe brain damage. On February 2, 2015, as Brown was exiting the building at 271 Madison Avenue, a seven-and-a-half-foot glass door shattered overhead, raining down shards and causing her catastrophic injuries.
The incident, captured in dramatic video footage, marked the end of Brown’s promising career in banking and significantly impacted her personal life.She suffered from permanent and severe injuries that medical professionals predict will lead to early onset dementia. Brown has since struggled with sensitivity to light and noise, headaches, vertigo, and PTSD, a Daily Mail report said.
“I remember at one point there were women that were picking glass shards out of my head, my hair,” Brown recounted to the court. Her once thriving career at JP Morgan eventually spiraled downwards, culminating in her termination in 2021 due to “performance reasons.”
The physical and psychological toll of the accident permeated every aspect of Brown’s life, affecting her ability to work, her relationships, and her daily activities. She was engaged to be married, but her fiancé ended the relationship, unable to envision a “normal life” with her due to her injuries.
Brown’s lawsuit argued that the accident could have been prevented with proper maintenance and inspection by the building owner of 271 Madison Avenue. It was revealed that the glass door had previously shattered in 2010 and 2014, and a negligence on part of the building owner for not addressing a visible crack on the door was determined to be a substantial factor in causing Brown’s injuries, the Daily Mail report said.
The jury awarded Brown $1,750,000 for past pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, $20,000,000 for future pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, and $13,429,208 for future medical and therapies, medications, and home health care. Despite the defense’s argument that Brown had not sustained any brain injuries and that the glass door shattered as it was designed to do, the verdict favored Brown, marking a significant recognition of her ordeal and the impact it has had on her life.

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