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Flight terror as husband, 63, dies beside wife after ‘litres of blood’ shoot from nose & mouth all over plane interior


A HEARTBROKEN wife was forced to watch her husband die beside her on a plane after “litres of blood” shot from his nose and mouth.

The horrific scenes left passengers screaming and frantically calling for help mid-flight as the stains of blood drenched the inside of the plane.

A man being put into an ambulance after he died next to his wife mid-flight after coughing up blood


A man being put into an ambulance after he died next to his wife mid-flight after coughing up blood
The walls of the Lufthansa plane were left covered in 'litres of blood'


The walls of the Lufthansa plane were left covered in ‘litres of blood’Credit: AFP

A 63-year-old German tourist was reportedly coughing up a large amount of blood after boarding the plane in “cold sweats” and “breathing much too quickly”.

Fellow travellers saw the man spitting into a bag before a terrifying “gush of blood” flew out of his mouth and nose.

Leaving the walls of the Airbus A380 splashed in crimson red.

The German – who has not been named – then collapsed in his seat and died mid-flight. 

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The man was visibly ill before he boarded the Lufthansa flight from an airport in Bangkok that was scheduled to land in Munich later that day.

But according to passengers, his condition rapidly deteriorated as soon as he stepped on board the plane.

Passengers rushed to help him as he sat down and even offered him chamomile tea in hopes of calming his breathing and lowering his soaring pulse.

It was absolute horror, everyone was screaming

Martin Missfelderpassenger

Martin Missfelder – a passenger who watched on in horror – said the man’s condition dramatically worsened as they got in the air.

He was starting to fill up a bag with blood as he spat out litres of it in a short period of time.

Before a “gush” of blood came out of his mouth and nose.

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Martin, 53, told Swiss outlet Blick: “It was absolute horror, everyone was screaming.”

Before adding that the man’s blood ended up covering the cabin walls. 

Flight attendants quickly rushed towards the German and tried to perform CPR on his now lifeless body.

Martin labelled the resuscitation attempts as “amateurish” by the cabin crew and after half an hour they pronounced him dead with the captain announcing it over the loudspeaker.

The man was then carried into the galley so he was away from the other passengers as the plane turned away and flew back to Bangkok.

The man’s wife initially told the crew her husband was unwell after they were forced to run through the Bangkok airport to catch the flight.

This led to a flight attendant being “very worried” over his health as a doctor was called in to check on the clearly sick man.

A 30-year-old Polish medic arrived on the scene and swiftly took his pulse and asked if the German was feeling okay, said Martin.

The medic then indicated that he was fine and the plane took off. 

Moments after his horror death the mood on the plane reportedly dropped as an eerie silence filled the air.

Lufthansa confirmed the death to Blick and said they had “no further details” on the shocking incident.


The emotionally drained wife of the man was seen walking alone through customs as the plane landed back in Thailand’s capital.

Martin said: “She stood there all alone and apathetic and had to endure all the formalities.”

He also called the treatment of the “30 traumatised passengers” totally “unacceptable” and said he expects an apology to the whole group including the wife.

As they were made to wait around for two hours with no communication until they were told to re-book another flight via Hong Kong.

Passengers said they were only offered a 10-franc voucher (£9.06) in compensation.

Other plane related horror stories include when a Ryanair plane was forced to make an emergency landing following a group of mouthy and aggressive passengers.

Unruly brawlers allegedly pushed a steward into the toilet and harassed both passengers and “shaken” crew members until cops stormed on board and dragged one off in a headlock.

The Sun spoke to a passenger on board who said the group were causing chaos before they even got on the plane.

And last year a drunk dad was fined for fighting armed cops who dragged him off a plane following a seven-hour delay.

Darren Gill, 33, was with his partner and young son, but hit the bar when his 1pm flight was put back.

The boozy construction worker heckled cabin crew and when armed cops arrived he staggered and slurred: “Why am I being taken off, I’m not drunk?”

He then resisted arrest and headbutted a steel post.

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