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First ‘Thanksgiving’ Trailer Introduces a New Kind of Serial Killer

by smbpapon22P

Patrick Dempsey and Addison Rae star in Eli Roth’s latest film.

The Big Picture

  • Eli Roth’s upcoming horror film Thanksgiving will feature a new twist, with a serial killer who desires to make a twisted carving board out of his victims.
  • The film stars Patrick Dempsey as the sheriff of the town, who will become heavily involved in the quest to find the killer and restore peace.
  • Due to ongoing strikes, the main actors and writers won’t be able to promote the film, leaving Roth as the sole spokesperson for the highly anticipated project.

The first trailer for Eli Roth‘s next project has been released, and Thanksgiving is set to scare audiences away with the dangerous serial killer it’s about to introduce. While other slasher horror stories tend to focus on antagonists with no real reason for their crimes, the upcoming story will follow a new threat who desires to make a twisted carving board out of the victims he claims. The inhabitants of the unfortunate town will have to come together in order to find out who’s behind the devastating series of murders, and no one will be safe from the unpredictable perpetrator.

A couple of recognizable stars will be featured right at the center of the spooky tale, with Patrick Dempsey portraying the sheriff of the town. Since the new serial killer is disrupting the peace within the community he’s supposed to be protecting, Dempsey’s character will look to get heavily involved in the situation. In the movie, the actor will be joined by Addison Rae, who will be in charge of bringing an undisclosed role to life. Since there are plenty of details yet to be revealed about the plot of Thanksgiving, some of the roles selected for the main cast will remain a mystery until the movie hits the big screen.

The film has been widely anticipated by long-time fans of the filmmaker, with its development being followed by them since the project was announced. Since the dual strike organized by the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA is still in full effect, the main actors and writers involved with the creation of the movie won’t be involved to promote it in any capacity, leaving Roth as the only major player able to talk about Thanksgiving to the press or through his social media channels.


Eli Roth and His Talent for Suspense

The last time a story directed by Eli Roth premiered on the big screen was five years ago, when The House With a Clock in Its Walls aimed to take younger audiences through a mysterious journey where the main characters were on a personal quest to find a powerful device. Given how it’s been a long time since the movie starring Jack Black made an impression regarding the filmmaker’s work, it will be interesting for audiences to embrace Roth’s vision set in a completely different genre in a story meant to be seen by much older viewers.

You can check out the first trailer for Thanksgiving below, before the movie premieres in theaters on November 17:

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