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First Look at the Michael Jackson Biopic ‘Michael’


Jaafar Jackson as Michael Jackson in 'Michael.'

Jaafar Jackson as Michael Jackson in ‘Michael.’ Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur


  • The first picture from ‘Michael’ is online.
  • Jaafar Jackson plays his famous uncle in the biopic.
  • Antoine Fuqua is in the director’s chair for the movie.

While the story of Michael Jackson’s life has been brought to screens in TV movies and specials, the somewhat controversial pop icon has yet to get the full big screen treatment.

That changes next year when the biopic simply titled ‘Michael’ arrives on our screens. Directed by Antoine Fuqua, it’ll follow the life of the King of Pop and features Jaafar Jackson –– nephew of the late star –– playing his uncle for most of the running time.

Not Yet RatedApr 18th, 2025

An in-depth portrayal of Michael Jackson, a complicated man, who became the King of Pop. The biopic will bring to life Jackson’s most iconic performances as it… Read the Plot

We have our first look at Jackson in the role, performing “Man in the Mirror” from the 1992-1993 “Dangerous” Tour.

Producer Graham King had this to say about the casting choice:

“With Jaafar, every look, every note, every dance move is Michael. He embodies Michael in a way that no other actor could.”

What’s the story of ‘Michael’?

Michael Jackson in 'Michael Jackson's This Is It.' Photo: Sony Pictures Releasing.

Michael Jackson in ‘Michael Jackson’s This Is It.’ Photo: Sony Pictures Releasing.

Written by John Logan and produced by ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’s King, ‘Michael’ follows the complicated man who becomes the King of Pop, from triumphs to tragedies, from his human side and personal struggles to his creative genius.

We’re promised an “honest” portrayal of the man, but given the close family connections, that’s always a complicated issue. The current Bob Marley biopic ‘One Love’ has been accused of shaving off some of the music legend’s rougher images.

Who else is in the movie?

Oscar-nominated actor Colman Domingo to portray Jackson Family Patriarch Joe Jackson in Lionsgate and Universal Pictures International's Michael Jackson biopic 'Michael.'

Oscar-nominated actor Colman Domingo to portray Jackson Family Patriarch Joe Jackson in Lionsgate and Universal Pictures International’s Michael Jackson biopic ‘Michael.’

Alongside Jaafar Jackson, Colman Domingo is playing his father Joe with Nia Long as his mother, Katherine. Juliano Valdi will be the younger Michael, Miles Teller has scored the role of powerful entertainment lawyer John Branca, who shepherded Jackson’s career as he transitioned from a singing sensation in a boy band to world-renowned mega star.

We’re sure there will be more casting announcements to come, but with the film not due until next year, expect them to arrive in drip feed fashion.

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Antoine Fuqua talks Jaafar Jackson and ‘Michael’

'The Equalizer 3' director Antoine Fuqua.

‘The Equalizer 3’ director Antoine Fuqua.

Here’s what director Antoine Fuqua said about the casting choice:

“We have assembled an incredible team of artists for this project –– hair & makeup, costumes, cinematography, choreography, lighting, everything –– and some who knew and worked with Michael are reuniting for this film. But most importantly, it’s Jaafar who embodies Michael. It goes beyond the physical resemblance. It’s Michael’s spirit that comes through in a magical way. You have to experience it to believe it.”

When will ‘Michael’ be in theaters?

‘Michael’ is going to be released on April 18th, 2025.

Michael Jackson in 'Moonwalker.'

Michael Jackson in ‘Moonwalker.’ Photo: Warner Bros.

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