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Finland approves military aid package for Ukraine worth over $200 million


Finland approved its 22nd defense aid package to Ukraine worth around 190 million euros ($205 million), the Finnish Defense Ministry announced on Feb. 9.

The Finnish president greenlighted the package on Feb. 9 based on the government’s proposal. This brings the total military aid provided to Ukraine by the Nordic country to 1.8 billion euros ($1.94 billion).

As with its previous aid packages, Helsinki kept most of the details about the content and delivery secret due to security reasons.

The Finnish Defense Ministry revealed, however, that the tranche includes products that have been purchased from domestic industry with separate funding of 30 million euros ($32.3 million) set aside to support Ukraine.

“Nationally and more broadly, we need new ways to support Ukraine in the long term. We are currently preparing a long-term plan for support to Ukraine,” said Finnish Defense Minister Antti Hakkanen.

“There is a lot of know-how in the domestic industry, and we are working in the defense administration to ensure that this know-how and capacity can be used more effectively in supporting Ukraine as well. One example of this is our domestic ammunition production.”

Finland also decided to participate in the artillery and demining collations, one of many allied initiatives launched under the Ukraine Defense Contact Group to support individual sectors of Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

Previously, Finland approved its 21st military aid package for Ukraine worth 106 million euros ($114 million) in December 2023.

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