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F-16s raised in Romania because of Russian drone attack on Odesa Oblast


Romania issued a warning to the population of border settlements and took off F-16 fighter jets during the attack of Russian drones on Odesa Oblast on the night of 9-10 February.

Source: Romanian Ministry of National Defence, reported by European Pravda

Details: The General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations of Romania issued an air-raid warning in the Tulcea and Galați districts bordering Ukraine’s Odesa Oblast.

RO-Alert notifications were sent to residents of the districts by 01:00 local time, which lasted until almost 03:00. The Romanian Ministry of Defence said in a statement that the air-raid warning was issued again at 05:00 and lasted until 06:20.

In addition, F-16 aircraft of the Turkish Air Force were taken off from the Fetești air base on both occasions “to carry out search missions in the national airspace in this situation”.

The Romanian Defence Ministry emphasised that no violations of Romanian airspace were recorded during the air-raid warnings, but that they are additionally checking the area around Tulcea just in case.

“The Ministry of National Defence strongly condemns the attacks carried out by the Russian Federation on the facilities and elements of civilian infrastructure in the Ukrainian Danube ports. These attacks are unjustified and seriously contradict the norms of international humanitarian law,” the statement said.


  • On the morning of 10 February, the Ukrainian Air Force reported that Russia attacked Ukraine with 31 drones, 23 of which were shot down. In Odesa Oblast, the attack took place in three waves, resulting in four wounded people and damaged civilian infrastructure in Odesa and Izmail.

  • This is not the first time that the Romanian-Ukrainian border has had an air-raid warning due to Russian drone attacks.

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