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Everyone can see the first three festive words – but you have the eyes of Santa’s best helper if you can find all TEN


EVERYBODY loves a game at Christmas and we’ve found the perfect festive challenge to test out your IQ with this amazing brainteaser.

Try and find the ten Christmas terms in this picture and you’ll prove why you’d make a great elf and be Santa’s best little helper this winter.

Believe it or not there are 10 words hidden in this photo somewhere - can you see them?


Believe it or not there are 10 words hidden in this photo somewhere – can you see them?Credit: Preply

Finding two or three are easy as they jump straight out at you from the lovely wooden signs but getting a perfect 10 is really tough to do.

The lovely picture shows a wonderful christmas market lit up beautifully on a snowy night.

Mothers walk with their kids as a huge cathedral looks over the happy scene and great festive memories are made.

But on a closer look there’s some sneaky words hidden in the photo that you’d never notice on first glance as they’re cleverly blended in.

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The words you’re looking for are:

  1. Reindeer
  2. Elves
  3. Snow
  4. Santa
  5. Bauble
  6. Mistletoe
  7. Presents
  8. Scrooge
  9. Yuletide
  10. Tinsel

Spotted all of them yet?

If not try and focus on the individual elements in the picture and have a proper search as all 10 are in there.

The people at Preply who designed the artwork have made this one very difficult and haven’t given out any Christmas handouts.

What makes this brainteaser so hard is the amount of words you need to find and the shear number of moving parts in the photo.

From the market stalls and the cheerful people to the big looming cathedral and cobbled streets there is a lot to look at if you want to nail this challenge in time for Christmas.

Studies have shown, people who regularly challenge themselves with optical illusions and puzzles see big improvements in their problem-solving skills, concentration and attention.

Psychologists at The University of Glasgow found that staring at an optical illusion can improve eye sight by allowing you to see small print.

And according to ZenBuisness: “These visual puzzles can give you a good mental workout that can, in turn, help you think more efficiently and solve problems more easily.”

The photo left many eager to find the hidden words but several struggled due to sneakily placed terms and the amount of things you need to ignore to really figure out that festive spark.

In this particular piece, people with a high visual IQ should be able to find the first few words in seconds and then quickly spot a couple more.

It’s the final two or three words that are almost impossible as you feel as though you’ve looked everywhere already.

Many will end up looking for ages or they’ll never reach the annoying solution at all.

A top tip is to look through the trickery and stay focused on the slight giveaways in the image as they’ll be where the words are.

If you want a huge clue then zoom in and it should make your life a little easier.

If you still can’t find the whole set of words, scroll down to see the solution below.

If you enjoyed this challenge, why not try another?

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But be warned it’s spectacularly hard.

Figured these two out in super quick time?

Try to find the cheeky mouse creeping behind the mushrooms in this picture but be warned it is one of our hardest brainteasers yet.

There's the answers - did you get them all?


There’s the answers – did you get them all?Credit: Preply
There's a car in this happy park photo but where is it?


There’s a car in this happy park photo but where is it?Credit: english.jargon.com
This is a very difficult one


This is a very difficult oneCredit: Dudolf
There's the car circled in red by the ice cream stand


There’s the car circled in red by the ice cream standCredit: english.jargon.com
The cheeky mouse was there all along


The cheeky mouse was there all alongCredit: Dudolf

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