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Event in Rio de Janeiro Prior to UFC 301 Will Allow for Great ‘Exposure’


After recently holding an event at Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro,

Legacy Fighting Alliance is returning to the city one day prior
to UFC

This time, the event will be held on May 3 at Complexo Ribalta in
Barra da Tijuca, an upper class area in West Rio de Janeiro that is
just a short distance away where the UFC’s pay-per-view card will
take place.

No fights have been announced for the LFA card, but it is expected
to include some big names from the Brazilian scene since UFC
executives will likely be in attendance.

“The proximity of LFA 183 to UFC 301 creates an atmosphere of
international prominence, in which the eyes of the entire world
will be focused on the weekend in Rio. It is a great opportunity
for the fighters to gain even more visibility,” said Rafael
Cavalcante, president of LFA in South America. “LFA 183 will be
conducive to networking and professional development. The fighters
who are present, more than proving their skills and determination,
will be able to create unique opportunities to establish
connections, learn and expand horizons in the world of MMA.”

LFA is known as a primary feeder organization to larger promotions.
As of now, LFA has already sent more than 300 athletes to the UFC
in total, and approximately 60% are still signed with the Las
Vegas-based promotion. In 2023, 38 fighters went from LFA to the

“This exposure that the LFA provides, which will be even greater in
May, is the biggest springboard that MMA fighters can have to
catapult their careers and open doors to future opportunities,”
Cavalcante said. “More than creating immediate opportunities, the
LFA contributes to increasing the legacy of Brazilian MMA.”

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