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‘Euphoria’ Season 3 to be Further Delayed for Script Changes


Zendaya in 'Euphoria.'

Zendaya in ‘Euphoria.’ Photograph by Eddy Chen/HBO.


  • Euphoria’s third season shoot is delayed.
  • Creator/show-runner Sam Levinson needs more time to work on the scripts.
  • The series will now depict its characters after high school.

If you were eagerly anticipating the return of hit high school-set drama ‘Euphoria’ as advertised by HBO for 2025… You might want to be more patient than you expected to be.

Because though the show had initially intended to kick off filming its third season in May, that plan is reportedly out of the window. The reason? When it returns, it may not be set in high school at all.

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What’s happening with ‘Euphoria’ Season 3?

Sydney Sweeney in 'Euphoria.'

Sydney Sweeney in ‘Euphoria.’ Photograph by Eddy Chen/HBO.

According to The Wrap, which has spoken to multiple sources, the delay is happening because ‘Euphoria’ creator/show-runner Sam Levinson has decided –– probably smartly, given the age of his cast –– that the new season should take the characters beyond high school.

While the second season didn’t end with graduation (instead a school play went badly wrong and a shootout left at least one character dead), the new season will follow the leads’ lives post-school.

And that change means new script work and extra time for development. Hence the delay.

Here’s what one inside told the trade site:

“No one has lost faith in Sam as a creator. He is the driving force creatively on this show, he is still working with the same creative executives that he always has been, but since the show is changing, that process is taking longer.”

What else has been happening?

Jacob Elordi on HBO's 'Euphoria.'

Jacob Elordi on HBO’s ‘Euphoria.’

Despite its star-making success, the show has not been without issues, including dealing with the pandemic while shooting its first season and strikes following its second. Indeed, Levinson had been writing the third season when the writers’ strike began last year.

Barbie Ferreira, who plays the character of Kat, has announced she won’t return for the new season, and Angus Cloud, whose character Fez was arrested at the end of Season 2, tragically died last year.

Levinson also co-wrote and produced ‘The Idol’ for HBO, which arrived last year to scathing reviews and has been cancelled after one season.

What has HBO said about the news?

Colman Domingo in 'Euphoria.'

Colman Domingo in ‘Euphoria.’ Photograph by Eddy Chen/HBO.

The cable channel has so far put out just one official statement:

“HBO and Sam Levinson remain committed to making an exceptional third season. In the interim, we are allowing our in-demand cast to pursue other opportunities.”

Which means that the stars of the show, including Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney, who have become big film names since the series began, will be back in theaters screens likely sooner than though. Quick: someone convince Denis Villeneuve to shoot ‘Dune: Messiah’ while he has the chance!

When will ‘Euphoria’ be back on our screens?

HBO reportedly is still aiming at that 2025 return, though likely late in the year now.

Zendaya on HBO's 'Euphoria.'

Zendaya on HBO’s ‘Euphoria.’ Photograph by Eddy Chen/HBO.

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