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EU Summit decision is also signal for American taxpayers – European Council President


Charles Michel, President of the European Council, believes that the decision about supplying Ukraine with the €50 bn macro-financial aid adopted by the EU leaders is also a signal for American taxpayers.

Source: European Pravda, citing Michel’s statement at a press conference after the EU summit in Brussels

Michel is convinced that this decision is also a signal for American taxpayers; this is a demonstration that the EU takes responsibility and knows that it must show its leadership. The EU must show that it is reliable and trustworthy.

Details: Michel expressed hope that it would also help decision makers in the US achieve concrete results in the sector of additional financial aid for Ukraine.

He added that this does not only concern the US but other partners of the EU worldwide.


  • On 1 February the EU leaders countered the long-lasting opposition of Hungary and reached an agreement about the allocation of macro-financial assistance to Ukraine totalling €50 billion for four years.

  • The European Union has stated that Ukraine would be able to receive funds within the framework of the Ukraine Facility programme for €50 billion, adopted at the summit, if a number of conditions are met. The EU leaders will hold debates about the programme annually, and in two years they may suggest that the European Commission review the whole long-term financial frame.

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